Looking for Servants and Masters for Fate/-focused Vore RP

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Looking for Servants and Masters for Fate/-focused Vore RP

Postby Smasherfan69 » Sat Nov 27, 2021 10:05 pm

So, trying to run a Fate/-focused Vore RP server on discord called Fate/ Holy Vore War (original name I know). Trying to find people who'd be interested in writing for servants and masters for it so I thought I might as well post here for obvious reasons.

The following are the rules I made for the server so please read them before joining:

"1. You must be 18 years or older to join.

2. No furries or beastiality in terms of characters or artwork.

3. Vore may be posted in #nsfw-art or #sfw-art depending on its contents, same applies for #nsfw-video-sharing and #video-sharing.

4. Ecchi content may be posted in either the NSFW channels or the SFW channels.

5. Futanari characters are allowed.

6. Monster girls(/like character) are allowed, that said they must be mostly human (Fate's very own Gorgan and Tamamo being examples of this).

7. Hard-vore is not allowed whatsoever.

8. Disposal is optional, if you'd like to write that inform me and I'll hook you up with a private channel for it and those who request to see it.

9. If you do not like vore (why did you join if that's the case?) instead of throwing a rant, please leave the server.

10. Due to this concept being a bit of a silly one, servants of all backgrounds are allowed meaning event servants from FGO are a-okay as well as pseudo-servants, etc. etc.

11. Once again due to the concept being a bit silly, you are not expected to write characters accurately if you're doing a pre-existing official character."

Then the following is the premise I wrote up:

"In a version of the world where one of the basic forms of mage craft magi are taught is the act of devouring another human whole and alive in various ways as... an... very efficient alternative to mana transfer techniques.

Several magi have been invited to La Ciudad de Los Voraces, an Las Vegas like landmass isolated from the world filled with casinos, amusement park attractions, strip clubs, love hotels, beaches, etc. etc. with little rules on public indecency, to participate in a new sort of pass-time... a variation on the Holy Grail War called the Holy Vore War. While still ultimately trying to achieve a Holy Grail of sorts and obtain a wish, the catch to it is that the enemy servants and if felt like the enemy masters must be devoured and digested for their essence to be collected. if struck down in the normal way, they will not be collected and a new servant must be summoned by a new or old master or if the servant is lucky they'll be re-summoned, memories gone though just like any other new summon. The command seals that will appear on these masters also have a nice side-effect of inducing a higher capacity for voracity and their servants will be summoned with the same desire to swallow and digest one another. The system may or may not have a higher tendency to summon female servants and potentially alter their bodies to say... include a cock and pair of balls alongside their feminine form. Servants within extra classes may also find themselves summoned under this system alongside the normal seven though only one may properly exist at a time.

There'll also be no need to worry about concealing the war to the inhabitants of La Ciudad de Los Voraces as only its hosts, staff, and willing volunteers expecting to be preyed upon or even sneak their way into the war will be residing on it during it alongside the masters and servants.

So will you accept the invitation and try to take up the grail? Even with the risk of being someone's lunch?

Let us see!

And well... if this is a successful business venture... there's more in the future to come!~"

We're still looking for masters for every class, and some servants still before we truly begin, take a look below!

Available Roles:


Master of Rider

Master of Avenger

Master of Alter Ego

Master of Faker

Master of Gunner

Master of Shielder






The style of RP here is simply writing, even for fights, so if you like to get those creative muscles flowing and getting your opponent in these fights in a corner through writing alone come on in! That said god-modding is not allowed and if it's seen or reported you will be punished for it.

So if you're into Fate/ feel free to join through the discord link or the disboard page below! If you got any questions feel free to ask here or in Discord itself!



To Mods: Apologies if this post was not sent in the right thread, was a bit confused with seeing D&D advertisements here so I thought it may be fine to post this here. If it's not feel free to move it to the appropriate thread/forum or tell me where it should be and I will gladly move it to its appropriate place!

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