male switch looking for a good time

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male switch looking for a good time

Postby KombuKajun » Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:16 am


In the past, i've been strictly a human male prey for female preds.
But to open my options...i can be a full time switch now.....assuming I can also get what I need..
Also open to being a male pred to human female specific situations...and of course...if you can switch..

partial or full nudity
some sexual content (teasing/molesting/sucking/licking etc..)
The act of vore should still be considered murder in the universe in which the scenario is taking place....therefore the pred either has to be a sociopath....seeing men and boys as less than human....or is drunk/stoned when she commits the act....the tabboo of it adds to the pleasure for me
One of the following types of preds: Human female, mini giantess, alien, rubber girl, harpy, lamia, Feral or sentient feral such as: elephant, cow, giraffe, pig, pelican, frog, gecko, komodo dragon, salamander..

For Brownie points: (love it but not required if it's not your cup of tea)
tongue/mouth/saliva play
Bratty preds
"princess" teenage preds (daddy's little princess.....spoiled bitches)
Edgy, pot-head, alcoholic "bad girl" preds
Sweet, naive, totally oblivious preds
post-vore disposal
swallowing clothes/objects with prey like cell phone, computer, shoes...that cause gastric distress...during or post digestion.
Pred that's naive or inexperienced...for example....pred shouldn't be able to swallow whole/alive and digest the prey...but because she is determined....she somehow manages to....despite it giving her a sore throat/tummy/and or bum...
Related to the above "Naive prey"....any combination that makes the vore situation more humiliating...for instance....the pred is younger than the prey.....and not big enough to eat the prey whole...but tries anyway.....perhaps dislocating some of the prey's bones/joints, breaking ribs etc....
Having to vomit prey back up, then eat him again....
vomiting up fully digested prey....because her tummy couldn't handle it (either because of eating with clothes/objects or because she's an herbivore or.....because eating a whole, live human hard for a teenage
Teasing with feet/butt....body/size play
size difference
age difference

Hyper anything

Currently craving:
Genetic mutant scenario: in an alternate future, humans have the technology to make genetically engineered "designer children" (if they are rich enough to afford it). However the technology is far from perfect. Once naive and rich couple, wants an "elastigirl" like the one from the comics/movies. The result isn't a superhero.....but she does have highly elastic bones, muscles, skin, organs and tissues....10X faster metabolism....strong enough to overpower most adult men....and higher tensile strength to her skin....enough to be cut resistant....but not cut basically...she would be just strong enough to swallow a man alive and whole....and just barely keep him inside long suffocate him...and digest him....with quite a bit of discomfort on her part. In this scenario...the prey could be a science tutor....who ends up going on an in depth homework assignment....or.....she....eats her (normal) older sister's boyfriend..

In another....alternate future....where .000001 percent of the human female population.... (several thousand globally) have become afflicted with giantism....most grow between 15 and 20 feet tall...but a few....grow up to 40 feet tall..... most of these girls and young women end up becoming wards of the state, or die young from complications of the disease....but some very lucky few are born to wealthy parents, or find wealthy adopted this scenario....our giantess meets her first boy....the problem is....she is a homeschooled brat with virtually no socialization....all she knows about boys...she learns from online chatrooms run by radical feminists.....telling her that boys and men aren't really human....and are at best...useable for their sperm...and as food.... (alternatively doesn't need a feminist tilt....she could just be naive and she knows is that boys want to....get inside....girls....)

In yet another (lol) alternate which .000001 percent of the human male population (several thousand globally) have been born afflicted as "micros"...growing between 6 inches and a foot tall.....most of them become local celebrities......if they don't meet their end tragically under someone's foot, eaten by someone's dog, or under a car tire......or wards of the state.....touring the world as advocates for the disability/disease..... In this world....we can have many scenarios....for very lucky, hard working young man becomes a teacher's assistant at a local high school....he is in his mid twenties and feels blessed to have landed a job helping his much larger this scenario...either some "bad girl" or goth girl.....catches him after school to molest and eat him.....or a Japanese exchange student with a horrifying fetish for swallowing small animals alive...decides that he is her next some miracle the young man gets into college and has a normal sized weekend he plans to go over to her apartment to spend the weekend with her.....but is greeted by her little sister instead...who is jealous.....and plans to turn her older sister's boy toy into a bowel movement.

If you've made it this far....hit me up on discord to chat. Kombukajun#5479 eastern standard time preferred.

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