It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.8.2 (public) or a0.9.1 (Patreon)

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It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.8.2 (public) or a0.9.1 (Patreon)

Postby Sriseru » Sat Mar 27, 2021 10:53 am

This is the public release of alpha 0.8.2 of It's a Gluttonous Life, a life sim set in a furry world where vore is legal (with some limitations).
As of a0.8.2, there is currently only two well-defined predators, your first roommate Elaine and Jasmine, in addition to two minor predators, Beatrice the bullfrog and Sigrid the giraffe.

---About the Game---
After waking up from a coma, you find yourself suffering from amnesia (yes, I know, it's super original). And once the hospital realizes that they cannot charge you for your stay, they kick you out.
However, your nurse takes pity on you and lets you stay at her place for a while on the condition that you get a job within two days and move out at the end of the month. And if you fail, she'll eat you (of course, she'll also eat you if you act like a prick or if you straight up ask for it).
More activities and characters will be added eventually, as well as new roommates you can move in with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customizable (but non-visible) player character
Female predators
Oral Vore
Anal Vore (Patreon/OnlyFans only, with only one scenario so far)
Unwilling Vore
Willing Vore
Slow Digestion
Weight Gain
Switchable 1st or 3rd person view upon being eaten

Again, do note that this is still early into the game's development, so there's not a whole lot to do yet and everything is very WIP. ^w^;;

NOTE: If the Dropbox link don't work, try the MEGA link instead. Last time I checked, Dropbox had deactivated the links due to the amount of traffic they were getting.
Here are download links for PC and Linux
-Dropbox: ...
-MEGA: ... osoMqfXIKI

And here are download links for MAC
-Dropbox: ...
-MEGA: ... ira_LTCDyg

Please consider supporting my work either on OnlyFans or Patreon. They are my only source of income, and as such I treat making art and developing this game as I would a regular job. I spend most of Saturday through Wednesday making art, and most of Thursday and Friday working on this game. If you support me, you get access to the newest game build one month early (among other things)!

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Version a0.9.1 - 2/10/2021 (OnlyFans and Patreon release)
-You will no longer get stuck in a time loop after Jasmine sits on you.
-There will no longer be two sets of Beg or Scream in the vore menu.
-The calendar will now correctly change at the turn of the year.
-Vorarephilia gain increased in willing vore scenarios.
-Fixed a minor bug that could cause players to loop when inside of side predators.
-Forgetting to feed Jasmine will now have more immediate consequences.
-Sigrid's dialogue when asking if you want to go jogging with her is now slightly different depending on how often you run together.

Version a0.9 - 25/9/2021 (OnlyFans and Patreon release)
-Scratching all scratchcards now only shows your total winnings, rather than showing the result of each individual card.
-Added "Vorarephilia" as a hidden stat. It will increase whenever you partake in a willing vore scenario, and when you masturbate while willingly inside of a predator. Vorarephilia increases the amount of Lust you gain while inside of a pred, but it can also fill your Fun and Social needs if it's high enough. Vorarephilia decays slightly at the start of a new week.
-Added a new internal view for when the stomach is absolutely stuffed with food.
-Overhauled the conversation system so that there's a better passage of time whenever you're talking to an NPC.
-Asking to be let out now gives you some alternate dialogue if you fed yourself to Jasmine during a feeding session.
-The game now automatically updates if you load a save game from a previous version.
-There's now a chance that a predator's belly will muffle your voice depending on how fat the pred is and, if you're in her stomach, how much food is in there.
-Jasmine is now more gluttonous and unprediactable when it comes to vore, but she's also upfront about her intentions. Vore scenarios involving her will now be harsher, but also more fair.
-Reduced the reward you get for successfully feeding Jasmine on the first try.
-Added anal vore, but it's still very limited and experimental with no graphics of its own currently. As of version a0.9, you can only get AV'd if you pick the right option when Jasmine is about to sit on you.
-The "Ask to be let out" option is now always available when you've been vored, except when the pred is already in the process of letting you out (such as pushing you through their intestines).
-Distance between areas have been significantly shortened for better realism.
-Travel times have been slightly rebalanced.
-Added the beach.
-Added Catalina the great white shark as a side predator.
-Sigrid can now be found jogging in the park every day between 7 and 8 AM.

Version a0.8.2 - 4/9/2021 (public release)
-You will no longer get stuck in a timeloop if you enter the bathroom while Elaine is in there.
-The supermarket will now ban you from buying more scratchcards if your total winnings reach $100,000 or more.
-Talking with Elaine now correctly improves your relationship and advances time.
-You now have until the end of October (or until the end of the current month, if you're playing on an old save and have gone past October) to either find somewhere else to live or befriend Elaine (which will allow you to stay).
-The Player's ability to hold their breath has been slightly nerfed (it now starts at 50 instead of 100, and maxing out Fitness will increase it to 300 instead of 350).
-Jasmine will usually get off the Player if they can hold their breath long enough (requires high Fitness). Usually.
-The Player can now ask Jasmine to sit on them if both are in her living room.
-Fixed a couple of exploits with Jasmine.
-Working now fills your Social need somewhat.
-Maximum Energy has been increased.
-Energy gain from sleeping has been increased significantly, but where you sleep influences how much you gain (for example, you get more Energy from sleeping in a bed than in a sofa).
-You can now call work via telephone and either call in sick for the day or quit.
-Reenabled mouse scrolling per popular request. Please let me know if scrolling causes any errors or breaks the game in any way. This might also make it possible to play it on your phone via Joiplay again.
-You can now visit Elaine after moving out, provided you call her and get permission first.
-You can now ask to move back in with Elaine.

Version a0.8.1 - 30/8/2021 (OnlyFans and Patreon release)
-Fixed the "prev_player_home" error you get when talking with Elaine.
-You can now escape from Jasmine's facesitting scene without getting an error screen.
-You can no longer buy groceries if you live with Jasmine (her fridge gets restocked twice a day, so there's no point).

Version a0.8 - 30/8/2021
-Added a telephone system (landlines only so far, no cell phones). The telephone can be found in the living room.
-Can get phone numbers from Jasmine, Elaine, and Sigrid if they like you enough.
-Can contact the Bank via the phone, but withdrawals and deposits require you to travel to the Bank.
-Can now choose to either travel by foot or by bus.
-Can now visit Jasmine's Place and Elaine's Apartment by asking to come over via the telephone.
-Skills now have a much bigger impact on gameplay than attributes.
-Added the Stockbroker, whose number you can get from Jasmine.
-Added a functioning stock market.
-Added the Investing skill.
-You can now feel and listen to Jasmine's belly when it's full.
-Elaine's generosity is now going to run out. You now have to move out by the end of the month, unless you've managed to befriend Elaine, in which case she will allow you to stay in exchange for paying rent.
-Can now move in with Jasmine if she likes you enough, in exchange for either a high rent or a low rent and having to cook for and feed Jasmine.
-Jasmine now has a dynamic hunger and lust system.
-Can get a facesitting scene at Jasmine's place if she's feeling horny.
-Added several Jasmine vore scenes that can trigger when you live with her.
-If you agreed to it, you now have to cook for and feed Jasmine whenever she's hungry and you're free from work that day. You will be notified when you have to do this.

Version a0.7.1 - 5/8/2021
-Mouse scroll has been disabled as it seems to mess with the code.
-The internal view will no longer trigger when you eat food inside of a stomach.
-The game will no longer break when you switch view in certain circumstances while inside of Jasmine.
-Blacking out now works as it should.
-The game will no longer crash when you get out of Jasmine's butt.
-Jasmine's dialogue will no longer loop when you beat her challenge.
-Escaping Jasmine no longer confuses the game code.
-The second bedroom in Jasmine's apartment is now labeled "Guest Bedroom" instead of "[Player Name]'s Bedroom" (this will change once you're able to move in).

Version a0.7 - 31/7/2021
-While drinking with Elaine, she won't kiss and vore you unless your relationship is high enough. However, it is now treated as a willing vore scenario.
-NPCs will now lose Drunkenness gradually over time instead of sobering up instantly whenever you go to sleep.
-Jasmine is no longer a side predator and now has her own unique apartment and daily schedule.
-Jasmine will now eat food throughout the day, which you can eat while inside of her stomach.
-Jasmine will occasionally eat prey on her own "off camera". When this happens, she'll gradually digest her meal over the course of several days, during which she'll decline to eat the player.
-Preds at the bar will no longer leave body doubles behind when you interact with them.
-Healing items have been added, but each one can only be used once a day (in order to maintain some level of realism) and they're unusable while inside of a pred's belly.
-Night Phases can now be toggled on or off in the Preferences screen in the game menu. Disabling Night Phases replaces all (or mostly all) night visuals with their daytime versions. After changing this setting, you'll have to go to another room or location to make the game implement the change.

Version a0.6.1 - 2/7/2021 (public release)
-You will no longer get stuck in a loop if you black out and wake up in a predator's stomach.
-Relationship gain has been increased to half the amount you got in version a0.5 (in version a0.6, it was decreased to one tenth).
-The GUI now features a "Relationship" button, which opens up the relationship window, allowing you to track characters' opinion of you. Characters are added to the window when you meet them.

Version a0.6 - 26/6/2021
-Improved the code somewhat. This won't affect players, but will make it easier for me to add more content.
-It's now possible to get drunk with Sigrid without breaking the game.
-Elaine will now eat you if you don't get a job within two days. Alternatively, if you have at least $25 on you when the deadline hits, she'll assume that you can support yourself without a job and spare you.
-The Stats window now correctly updates its information.
-Added Skill XP bars under each skill to help players keep track of their progress.
-Full tour has been implemented.
-Can now request friendly predators to squeeze you out of their stomach and into their intestines when Asking to Be Let Out.
-Players can now force their way into the intestines from a predator's stomach, provided it is not a tight stomach.
-Players can potentially get stuck while attempting to force their way into the intestines and drown in stomach acids if unable to free themselves.
-Players can crawl through a predator's intestines, the length of which depends on the predator's size and species traits.
-Can now insult NPCs.
-Can now switch view when you "Resign yourself to fate".
-Predators can now decline to eat you if your hygiene is too low.
-NPC opinion gains and losses are now affected by the player's hygiene.
-Decreased overall opinion gains and losses.

Version a0.5 - 29/5/2021
-You can now have a drink with Elaine if she's in the living room, though this will reduce the amount of food you have in the fridge. The scene will automatically end well before the fridge is empty, though.
-Elaine might swallow you if she gets drunk enough.
-There's a chance that you'll get a sex scene if you go to sleep in Elaine's bed at night while she's not in it and she likes you enough.
-The Lifesaver mechanic has been somewhat overhauled. The effects of packets or tablets no longer stack, the digestion delay timer will just restart when a Lifesaver item is used. This means that you will only ever benefit from carrying one packet of each type.
-If you're Resting, your Rest will be interrupted once the effect of any used Lifesaver wears off. This will not occur if you're sleeping, however.
-Sigrid the friendly Nordic giraffe has been added as an interactable character. You can find her in the bar. She will only vore you if you ask her to or if she gets really drunk, but will usually let you out when asked.
-New updating system that should let you continue playing on your old save game after updating the game. This will only work for save games that were started in version a0.5, though.
-The City Map has been slightly reorganized.
-Added a true job system (the one in previous versions was just a placeholder) with 14 unique jobs, each having its own schedule.
-You can get tips in some service jobs based on your Charisma, job experience, and random chance.
-Your alarm clock will go off two hours before your job starts, giving you enough time to eat breakfast, shower, and travel to your job (the "It's time to go to work" prompt shows up half an hour before your job starts).
-Working will increase your job experience as well as slightly improve your employer's opinion of you. If these get high enough, you'll get a raise!
-If you skip work and are at home, your boss will call to ask where you are and you will be given a few options on how to respond. You can also choose to simply not pick up the phone in the first place.
-Every job gives you 7 sick days a month. Not going to work due to being in a pred's belly counts as a sick day.
-Elaine will now buy groceries every Thursday, but it's only enough to support herself for a week.
-Ipecac Syrup has been added as a Lifesaver. It will trigger automatically when you're swallowed and will cause weaker preds (such as Elaine) to immediately throw you up, while significantly weakening the stomach strength of stronger preds.
-Added a bank where you can get an ID (which is currently not used anywhere, lol) and open a Bank Account as well as an optional Savings Account.

Version a0.4.1 - 24/4/2021
-Bugfixes, tweaks, and a minor code overhaul (but you won't notice that, lol).
-Added ambient sounds to the bathroom and bedroom whenever Elaine is showering or sleeping (respectively).
-You can now sleep in Elaine's bed. If her opinion of you is high enough, you can even sleep with her (no sex yet, though), otherwise you can only sleep in it if she's not using it.
-You can now shower with Elaine, and even have sex with her in the shower, if her opinion of you is high enough.
-When starting a new game, you can set skill leveling speed as well as digestion speed. These choices are permanent to stop the player from abusing (or even breaking) these game mechanics. All game mechanics tied to these are also modified (so for example, if you increase digestion speed, it will take you less time to escape a pred's belly).
-You can now buy drinks at the bar.
-Beatrice and Jasmine might offer to buy you drinks.
-If you get drunk enough, there's an increasingly high chance that you'll black out. If you do, you'll either wake up in a random location or inside of either Beatrice or Jasmine.
-If preds get drunk, they might accidentally or "accidentally" eat you.

Version a0.3 - 27/3/2021
-Added the Bar as a location.
-Added a more flexible system to handle travel. Each location now has its own set of coordinates, which the game uses to calculate travel distance, travel time, as well as Fitness xp gained if you travel on foot.
-Added the Side-Pred System to handle minor and newly-implemented predators.
-Added Jasmine the hippo and Beatrice the bullfrog as minor preds, both of whom can be found at the Bar. (WARNING: Beatrice's stomach is much harder to escape from than Elaine's, and Jasmine's stomach is currently inescapable!)

You can get 1 month's early access, 4k resolution versions of my art and game, exclusive bonus versions, as well as participate in weekly art polls through my OnlyFans:
Or my Patreon:
Alternatively, you can tip me on Ko-fi:
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby NotTadpole » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:30 am

This looks interesting. I wish you good luck with developing this game c:

Will there ever be non-fatal vore in the game, or will you stick strictly to digestion?
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Sriseru » Sat Mar 27, 2021 12:40 pm

Oh yes! In fact, I designed a comprehensive digestion system that can accommodate a number of scenarios.
If you have a good relationship with the predator, you can ask them to eat you, and you can then ask them to let you out at any point (unless they're asleep). There are also items you can buy that can neutralize the predator's gastric fluids for a time. :3
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby unzipsdick » Sat Mar 27, 2021 1:22 pm

Looks good! I noticed that even when you ask someone to eat you, the options shown are primarily unwilling (begging, kicking, etc). I did play on the free version, so apologies if this has been changed in the paid release.
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Baz » Sat Mar 27, 2021 1:54 pm

I'd love some options to wriggle for the predator's enjoyment. >.>
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby antoinou62185 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:22 pm

I hope for more predator and other way to eat
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Trebortron3 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 3:22 pm

This is off to a fantastic start! Really nicely done!

Other than new preds, what kind of stuff are you planning to add? You mention new activities - does that include stuff around the house? New ways to interact with Elaine etc?

In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing how this will develop! :)
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby FlamingFoxu5000 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 3:36 pm

This actually seems pretty cool! I'll keep an eye on this, hope to see it grow!
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Xenofodder » Sat Mar 27, 2021 6:04 pm

Ok wasn't expecting to have as much fun with the sims like life management segment of the game as the Vore segment, loving the game so far at 0.2 will subscribe as soon as I'm able! would love more variety when it comes to vore and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you may bring to the game! keep up the marvellous work! :-D
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Nayko93 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:55 pm

good start , my only complain would be that the vore scene are too quick , not descriptive enough , what it feel like for both character , more interaction could be nice , more dialogue option for willing or unwilling
maybe ask someone good at writing vore scene to help you with this part
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Katar » Sat Mar 27, 2021 9:38 pm

I like what you've got thus far, excellent work! Question though, what stat determines maneuverability while in her stomach? I can never use any of the anti-digestion medicine.
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby FluffyNekos » Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:27 am

I'm honestly stunned at how good this game is appearing so far! I especially love the way you have the vore scenes set up~
I can't wait to see where you go with this!
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Younger99 » Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:28 am

Nice work
I am eager to see how this progresses X3
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Sriseru » Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:01 am

Katar wrote:I like what you've got thus far, excellent work! Question though, what stat determines maneuverability while in her stomach? I can never use any of the anti-digestion medicine.

There's no stat for that. Elaine's stomach has the Tight quality which prevents you from accessing your inventory, so you have to rely entirely on antipeptic packets to neutralize her gastric fluids. However, a Tight stomach is also easier to escape by using Kick.
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby antoinou62185 » Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:13 am

I think there is a missing product to recover health
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Skittles209 » Sun Mar 28, 2021 9:47 am

In case someone finds restarting every time frustrating. You can save by right clicking on your mouse. There might be other ways but I have no experience with VN games to know how/what.
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Sriseru » Sun Mar 28, 2021 11:13 am

You can also just press Esc to open the menu where you can save, load, etc.
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby HeadZ349 » Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:12 pm

Are there other preds than Elaine?
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby antoinou62185 » Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:36 pm

I hope that there will be several forms of work with events
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Re: It's a Gluttonous Life - a0.2 (public) or a0.3 (Patreon)

Postby Drakeral » Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:12 pm

This is all fantastic! There's a lot of variety in an early WIP and I honestly can't wait to see where else this goes. Elaine is great, and although you did warn it was a WIP, it's still quite the number of things-the game over messages in particular are great as there seems to be one for everything. Getting
Spoiler: show
kicked out and not eaten the one time I managed to actually escape her stomach and lounged around eating everything
was unexpected and honestly kind of hilarious, all things considered- as are the things that change if she can't actually eat you at the moment, like with
Spoiler: show

I do wonder if a few interactions are implemented or if I'm just unlucky- nothing seems to happen if I don't get a job within two days or if I stay there for a month, and I can't tell if that's a bug or if that part isn't coded yet in the free version. Nothing also ever seems to happen if
Spoiler: show
I take all the money, which could be a bug or something that's just not actually in the game yet.

In any case, I'm massively looking forward to future updates! This game rocks!
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