Zombie Slave's Vore Stories (update 04-23-2015)

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Zombie Slave's Vore Stories (update 04-23-2015)

Postby Zombie_Slave » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:25 pm

I haven't posted a story anywhere for a loooooong time. Hope everyone enjoys it. Don't get frightened by its length--it's a quick read! Don't just skip to the good parts, I'm watching you! Please I encourage everyone who reads my stories to let me know what you think--good or bad.

Unaware Claire by ZS
(F/F, vore)

Claire walked into the kitchen and set her heavy purse down on the table. She let out a long breath and reached up to massage her aching neck. Why do I wake up with a stiff neck every morning? she thought. It could be the way she slept, or perhaps it was her beaten and worn out pillow. The poor thing needed to be replaced, but Claire was too lazy to head out to the store to get a new one. Too busy. With classes every day at the university, studying, and juggling a part-time job, it was hard to find time to get out for some much needed essentials.

Yawning, Claire made her way to the freezer, opened the door and looked inside. The freezer was an icy cave with nothing inside but two empty ice cube trays and a frozen pizza. The frozen waffles she had bought last week were gone, her roommates had seen to that. Frustrated, Claire closed the door.

"Well, it looks like cereal again today," Claire said aloud. She opened the lower door of the refrigerator and grabbed the carton of milk. When she got home later this evening, she was going to give those two roommates of hers a piece of her mind. Don't touch each other's food. It was a simple rule, wasn't it? So why did the other girls always insist on breaking it?

She tried to put the thought out of her mind. It was Saturday, and it was bad enough she had to go in to work today, but if she had to go in she didn't want to start the day all pissed off. Claire let out another sigh, placed the milk on the counter, and proceeded to gather a bowl from one cuboard and her box of Raisin Nut Bran cereal from another. She flipped open the box of cereal and poured herself a considerable portion. The flakes made a pleasant sound as they hit the bowl. Claire smiled to herself--she half expected her cereal to be empty too, another victim of the scavengers she lived with. She left the milk and box of cereal on the counter and took her bowl to the kitchen table. Claire set her bowl down next to her purse, suddenly realizing she hadn't grabbed a spoon..


"Come on, we're almost there, I can see light up ahead."

"I can't believe this. This has got to be the most humiliating thing ever."

"Yeah yeah, you keep telling me that. Just keep climbing." Kristen reached up, grabbed another handful of cloth, and pulled herself toward the crack of light she could see above her. Through the crack, she could see the kitchen ceiling fan. They must be on the kitchen table. This was good news; once they climbed out of Claire's purse, they would be able to climb down onto the table to get her attention. Then they could find a way to reverse this mess they had gotten into.

Beside Kristen, Shantay huffed and puffed with the effort of climbing. Her dark skin blended in with the shadows of the purse, making her hard to see--like a moving female shadow with waist-length thick, black hair. By contrast, Kristen's pale white skin stood out against the dark fabric of the purse lining.

"Safe. Humph! You told me that stupid gun was safe!" Shantay said.

Kristen slowed her climb, made sure she had a good hand-hold of cloth before wiping away stray strands of hair that had become plastered to her face with sweat. She could tell her friend was still pissed. She hadn't cooled down one bit since their argument the night before. "Listen, I know you're angry, but let's not get at each other's throats again. I was tricked too ya know. I was told that thing was perfectly safe for us to use. Eight inches tall! That's what the manual said. I didn't know it would do this to us. It's done. All we can do now is follow through with the plan and get Claire's attention so she can help us. Okay?"

Shantey didn't answer, she turned her head away--jaw still clenched in anger--and continued to climb upwards towards the line of light above them. Kristen had never seen her friend this upset. She was sorry, and regretted she had ever found the shrink-gun for sale online. It was supposed to be just a fun little gag. The gun was supposed to shrink them--clothes and all--down to about the size of a Barbie doll. Kristen thought it would be fun for her and Shantay to shrink themselves--they could play around in Kristen's old dollhouse she had fished out of her parent's basement--for a few hours, maybe relive childhood just for a little while. It would be a nice break from the stresses of college and life in general. Just a distraction, just a fun little adventure...

But something had gone wrong. Last night Kristen and Shantay, drinking as usual on a Friday night, used the shrink-gun on themselves. But when the process was complete, the girls were amazed to find themselves not shrunken to the size of a Barbie, but much, much smaller. To their horror, the girls had shrunk themselves to a mere quarter-inch tall.

All thoughts of fun and amusement fled when the shrinking process had finally stopped. At first the girls had just stood there, confused. They were so utterly tiny--Kristen's bedroom had seemed like an entire universe. The pile of dirty laundry was a mountain. Her textbooks piled on the floor seemed as tall as a skyscraper. The incandescent lamp centered in the ceiling overhead shined down on them like the sun.

Shantay was the first to notice the spider in the corner of the room. The beast, easily as big as the tiny girls, was resting in her web, her spindly legs stretched out in all directions.

The girls had screamed--and screamed.

They ran. They ducked right under the crack in Kristen's door and ran down the hall to Claire's bedroom. The sprint felt like miles. They ran as hard as they could, imagining the spider running after them, getting closer and closer. By the time they ducked under Claire's door, both girls were tired and worn out.

The spider hadn't followed.

Claire had to get up early for work and was already asleep. Not finding an easy way to climb up onto Claire's bed, the two minuscule girls--after catching their breath--came up with a plan.

Claire's purse was on the floor, knocked over sideways. Kristen and Shantay ran to it and climbed inside. Claire would have to pick up her purse tomorrow morning, and that would provide an easy opportunity for Kristen and Shantay to climb out to get her attention. It sure beat the alternative of jumping up and down on the floor and risk getting stepped on. Or sleeping out in the open, where the spider--or anything else for that matter--could get them.

The girls had settled in for the night amidst the contents of Claire's purse. Claire's compact, wallet, keys, cell-phone--these were all enormous to Kristen and Shantay, bigger than cars from their perspective.

High on adrenaline and fear, an arguement had started between the girls. Shantay was tired and scared. She blamed Kristen for getting them into this mess. In return Kristen had gotten defensive. She didn't want to directly admit she had a fetish for being tiny. She had just wanted to experience being doll-sized, not micro-sized! Kristen had yelled back at her roommate. The argument escalated from there into a yelling match which went on for seemingly hours.

Finally, throats horse from shouting, the girls had moved to opposite ends of Claire's purse to get some sleep. In the morning they would try to get help.

"What if Claire can't reverse this?" Shantay said, breaking the silence and bringing Kristen's thoughts back to the present. "I didn't ask last night because I was scared of the answer--does that shrink-gun have a "reverse" setting?"

Kristen grunted with the effort of the climb. The opening to Claire's purse was close now, only a few feet ahead. "Yes--yes I think so. I..." Kristen didn't finish. The words died in her throat. She was too ashamed to admit that in her excitement to experience her doll-fantasy, she hadn't completely read the instructions for the gun.

Shantay pulled herself up a few more inches. "I keep having this deep sense of foreboding that we'll be stuck like this forever."

"No, don't think like that. Claire will help us. We'll get her attention, she'll get the gun and figure out how to reverse this. She's smart like that."

"I hope you're right," Shantay said. "I don't look forward to spending any more nights camping out in here."

The two girls chuckled, the thick tension between the two releasing somewhat as they climbed toward the lip of Claire's purse. Inch by inch they climbed until finally--hot, sweaty, and exhausted--the girls pulled themselves up over the edge of the the purse. Grunting with effort, the girls each swung a leg up over the lip, so they were sitting, straddling the lip of the purse.

"We did it!" Kristen said; sweat ran down her face.

"Finally. Oh man, the fresh air feels so good," Shantay said.

Kristen looked to her right, across the chasm of Claire's purse. In the distance was Claire herself, dressed for work in an a black skirt and tight fitting white blouse with a nametag tacked over her left breast--her short red hair gleamed in the sunlight coming in through the kitchen window. She was bent over a drawer in the counter, fishing something out.

Kristen reached out and grabbed Shantay's hand in excitement, almost upending them and sending them falling back down into the depths of Claire's purse.

"Careful girl!" Shantay shouted as she tried to regain her balance.

"Look, it's Claire. HEY CLAIRE OVER HERE! Help me shout. The sooner she sees us the sooner she can help us."

The two girls waved their arms frantically and shouted to their giant roomate.


Why do they put dirty silverware back in the drawer? Claire thought. She dug through the pile of utensils until she found a spoon that wasn't too smeared with water-spots. She turned and headed back to the table. She looked at the spoon, turned it over and over, making sure there wasn't any grit or dried food clung to it. This is why we need a dishwasher, she thought. Then we could just pile stuff in there and the dishes would always get done.

Busy inspecting the spoon, Claire took one step too many and bumped into the kitchen table, making a considerable racket. Milk sloshed over the edge of the cereal bowl onto the table.

"Ow!" Claire said, her free hand went down to rub her hip where she ran into the table. Hopefully it wouldn't bruise.

"Keep waving, here she comes," Kristen said.

Shantay waved her arms crazily. "Hey what is she doing? She's not paying any attention. Is she checking her makeup in that spoon or something? Oh! Look out, she's going to--"

Claire bumped the table with her hip. To Kristen and Shantay, it felt like an earthquake. The girls screamed, teetered, reached out for something to hold on to. Their outstretched hands grabbed nothing but air. The force of Claire's impact was too great, and the girls toppled sideways out of Claire's purse.

Kristen let out a feeble, "woooah!" as she somersaulted downward. The world spun. Her stomach lurched up into her throat as she fell, and her long blond hair whipped around her face. A moment later she plunged into icy cold liquid. The liquid was so frigidly cold it shocked Kristen's system. She screamed out in shock; liquid flooded her mouth. Her eyes sprang open--the liquid was mirky white around her.

Air. She needed air, she couldn't breath. She had to concentrate hard not to breath the liquid into her lungs. The sensation was like being thrown into a swimming pool filled with ice-cubes, but the liquid that flooded into Kristen's mouth wasn't water--it was milk.

She kicked, pushed, struggled in the direction she felt was up towards the surface. There were solid objects all around her, impeding her progress. She needed to breath. Panic was setting in. Her eyes grew wider--bulged--ice-cold milk stung them, but she didn't care. She had to keep swimming!

Kristen pushed aside a rough, flat object and broke through the milk's surface. Her body immediately sucked in much needed air. She breathed--great huge sharp breaths--one after another until she finally calmed down. She reached up and wiped the milk away from her eyes as best she could. When she could finally see enough to look around clearly, she let out a gasp at what she saw.

Surrounding her, floating in the milk, were huge rock-like flakes, nuts the size of boulders, and raisins twice as big as she was. As she shivered from the cold, her legs kicking to keep her afloat, Kristen's mind seized on the terrifying truth of what had happend. Oh my God--I've fallen in Claire's cereal bowl!

Panic gripped Kristen's chest like a clawed beast. She felt the blood drain from her face, her muscles tensed. She started shivering even worse--not just because of the cold milk she was immersed in, but also from fear. Shit, Claire doesn't know we're here! she thought.

At that moment, Kristen spotted movement above her. She looked up and watched as Claire pulled out a chair and sat down at the table. A spoon was in Claire's hand.

"Fuck!" Kristen had never been known to swear, but when she saw Claire's spoon gleaming in the sunlight, the f-bomb slipped out in a rush. Directly above Kristen, Claire's huge face filled her vision. Kristen's roomate gazed down at the cereal, taking no notice of Kristen's tiny presence among the flakes. Kristen had always felt Claire was beautiful--guys from class repeatedly asked Kristen to introduce them to her--but now Claire's enormous visage was terrifying.

Kristen tried to yell out. Her voice came out in a shaky squeak. Come on girl, she thought, you've got to do something! She tried again, but no sound would come out of her--she was too frightened.

Claire reached down and dipped her spoon into the cereal--mere inches from were Kristen treaded milk. Kristen could only watch in terror as Claire lifted the spoon away, carrying a load of flakes and milk and nuts. That could have been me, she thought as she watched Claire's jaw work as she chewed and swallowed the mouthful of food.

"Oh shit!" a voice cried out.

Kristen swung her head in the direction of the voice. "Shantay? Where are you?" She searched frantically for her friend--splashing milk all around in the process. Flakes and nuts were jutting out of the milk everywhere, making it difficult to see.

Claire's spoon came down once again, digging in like a crane and taking away another load of cereal.

Not far from Kristen a bran flake fell over as if pushed from the other side. Shantay was there, floating in the milk. She clung onto a massive raisin, using it to stay afloat.

Across the pool of cereal, the two girls stared at one another. Both were shivering, their hair and clothes plastered to their bodies by the cold milk. Shantay's eyes were wide with panic, her accusing stare burrowed right through Kristen as if to say, "You did this to us. This is all your fault. Now help me!"

Behind them, Claire gathered up another spoonful of cereal and carried it away. The loud crunching sound of chewing followed soon after.

Something broke inside Kristen. The realization finally hit her that if she and Shantay stayed where they were--they would be eaten. The thought was ridiculous, surreal--but the fact remained that they were in real danger. Claire was eating, taking away spoonful after spoonful of cereal. If they were to survive they had to get out of the bowl--now! Kristen swallowed the lump in her throat, met Shantay's gaze and called out to her, "She doesn't see us! Swim! Try to get to the edge, we have to get out of here before we're eaten! SWIM!"

Shantay didn't respond, but Kristen's command had at least sprung her into action. Shantay pushed off from her perch on the raisin and began to half swim, half push her way through the cereal.

Kristen spun, caught site of the edge of the bowl through the rocky outcroppings of floating flakes and nuts. She kicked and threw her arms forward, trying to swim through the muck. Behind her, she heard Claire's spoon scoop out another load of cereal. A small wave rippled through the milk, causing the bowl's contents to shift. Bran flakes shifted and collided with one another, a large sliver of an almond fell across Kristen's path like a freshly cut tree falling in the forest. Kristen changed direction. She could no longer see the edge of the bowl, but she knew she had to keep going, she couldn't stay in one place.

Her heart began to pound. Kristen knew she was going too slowly. The cereal was so tightly packed, it was like swimming through mud, not water. She constantly had to push against bran flakes or raisins to shift them just enough to let her slip by. Her arms hurt, her legs were getting fatigued. Panic started to set in. Her legs and arms started to become numb from the cold until her swim finally disintegrated into a desperate struggle. The edge of the bowl had to be close now. Where is it? Where is it? Kristen pushed another soggy bran flake out of her path.

That's when she heard the scream.

Startled, Kristen spun around toward the sound of the scream. What she saw made her gasp, her hands shot up to cover her mouth in horror; her eyes went wide. Claire's spoon was deposited deep in the cereal and was in the process of scooping out a large chunk. As Claire lifted the spoon into the air--it carried Shantay along with it!

Down in the milk and slop of the cereal, Kristen could only watch in terror. She wanted to call out, but her voice froze in her throat. She felt lightheaded, dizzy, her heart was pounding and she was shaking intensely. She felt completely helpless. The shrinking, hiding in Claire's purse, even falling into the cereal--it all felt like a dream, sure they were in danger but she never had any doubt things would turn out okay. But now the dream had changed to a nightmare.

Claire raised the spoon up from the bowl. Kristen watched in shock, unable to tear her gaze away. Shantay screamed and screamed. Perched in the middle of the spoon amidst the bran flakes and raisins, she flailed her arms and shouted. Her cries were so feeble at her size that even Kristen had a hard time hearing them as Shantay was carried up, up, and away.

The spoon rose up to Claire's face. Her lips parted; her mouth opened, her lips forming a perfect circle. Sunlight glinted off of white teeth and pink tongue. The spoon went forward, into Claire's mouth. Kristen lost sight of Shantay as Claire closed her mouth around the spoon. Claire's lips closed around the spoon, then she pulled it out, wiped clean.

Shantay was gone. Claire had never noticed the tiny struggling girl on her spoon.

When Claire began to chew, bile rose up in Kristen's throat. Her stomach lurched as the crunching sounds continued above. She had to concentrate hard not to throw up. Moments later, the hideous crunching stopped and was replaced by the wet sound of Claire swallowing.

Kristen was alone now, floating in the pool of cereal. Shantay was gone--eaten alive by her own roommate. Tears filled Kristen's eyes. She reached up and grabbed her hair with dripping hands and pulled until it hurt. My fault. Oh my God it's all my fault. She--she ate Shan! Kristen felt her sanity slide. Just moments ago she had been climbing out of Claire's purse in relative safety. All they had to do was get Claire's attention. But now--the most horrible of accidents had happened. Shantay, her roommate and friend, was now gone--disappeared into the depths of Claire's stomach.

Please wake me from this nightmare, Kristen thought, please, please. This wasn't supposed to happen.

The spoon came down again; Claire continued eating, oblivious to anything out of the ordinary.

As Claire ate, Kristen sobbed; her tears leaving streaks down her face. Claire's spoon swooped down again and again. When it got too close Kristen yelled in terror and kicked with her legs. Her feet sank into a mushy bran flake, making it feel like she had just stepped in quicksand. She pushed again, but didn't move. The cereal was constantly shifting and moving, and now Kristen found herself in a tightly packed area of flakes and nuts. She pushed at the flakes. They wouldn't move, her hands simply tore wet chunks off, making the milk even more thick and soggy.

Spoonful after spoonful were lifted away by Claire. Kristen turned in circles, desperate for escape. She was surrounded! She couldn't budge any of the almonds or raisins enough to create a path towards the edge of the bowl. What do I do? Oh my God what do I do? She wiped the tears from her eyes. There didn't seem to be any hope of swimming out of the bowl--the only chance of escape would be to somehow get Claire's attention. Kristen looked up at her friend's enormous face. Claire was busy chewing at the moment, looking off to the side--probably reading one of those celebrity magazines she always had with her. She wasn't even looking at the bowl!

"C--Claire?" Kristen said, testing her voice. The sound was meek and shaky. No, no! I've got to try harder! If she was to get out of this nightmare, she would have to muster her strength. Survival meant getting Claire's attention. She filled her lungs and tried again.

"CLAIRE," Kristen shouted. "LOOK DOWN. I'M IN YOUR CEREAL." Kristen's voice broke off into a coughing fit. It hurt to scream so loud.

Claire's spoon came into view, and started downward...down...down.

it was heading straight at Kristen.

No no no! Kristen's mind was on fire with terror. She turned, and like a drowning man desperately trying to make it to shore she swam for her life as the spoon descended. The spoon dipped under her, bran flakes and raisins shifted and closed in on Kristen, blocking her escape. A moment later her stomach lurched into her throat as she was lifted into the air.



Claire's face came closer and closer--so close that Kristen could see the tiny pores and hairs on Claire's skin, the dark holes of her nostrils, and the fine cracks in her lips. Kristen pushed at the cereal around her with all her might, trying to dislodge anything she could so she could jump from the spoon.

Up ahead Claire's mouth loomed closer.

"CLAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRE!" Kristen yelled. She put all her strength into the scream, yelling as long and loudly as she could until her voice gave out. She struggled, pushed, kicked--a chunk of almond fell across her body, further pinning her in place. It might as well have been a steel girder--Kristen couldn't budge it.

Forward now. Closer. Closer. Claire's lips and nose were the only things in Kristen's vision now. She stopped struggling. It was no use. She couldn't jump and her efforts to get Claire's attention had failed. Kristen clenched her teeth and tensed her body for the inevitable. She threw her hands out in front of her as if she could push Claire away. A whimper escaped her lips as Claire's mouth started to open.

Claire's full pink lips parted; her mouth opened up wide...

...wider...and wider...

...until finally revealing an enormous pink, wet cavern.

Forward--and forward again. Kristen traveled towards Claire's open waiting mouth. Time seemed to slow. Hot breath floated from Claire's throat to envelop Kristen, warming her--a stark contrast to the icy cold milk she swam in. Kristen started to gulp air; she was hyperventilating, struggling to breathe as she stared at her destination. She had never been so scared in her life.

Sunlight shown in through the kitchen window, illuminating Claire's mouth. Her teeth were perfectly white and straight, the only thing to break up the brilliant whiteness was a filling on one of Claire's lower molars. Kristen stared at those powerful teeth--knowing that they would be used to crush her into pulp.

Claire's tongue, wet with saliva and remnants of cereal, gleamed and sparkled in the light. It gently moved and rippled, as if it couldn't keep still. Kristen could see small bumps--taste buds--along its wriggling surface. For a moment Kristen gruesomely wondered what she would taste like. Down the center of Claire's tongue ran a thick fissure; Kristen followed the center-line of Claire's tongue deep into the depths of her mouth. At the back, bathed in sunlight, was Claire's throat. All fear of Claire's teeth were replaced in Kristen's mind when she saw Claire's wet, shining throat. This was by far the scariest thing she'd seen yet. Claire's throat was wide and deep, the back wall glistened in the sunlight, its wet surface reflecting light as if it were coated in glass. Claire's soft palate raised and lowered with each breath, her long, thick uvula pointed down into the deep dark chasm, where not even sunlight could penetrate. Claire's uvula swung and danced between boulder-sized tonsils almost mockingly, as if to say, "Here's where you're going Kristen, right down here."

The tiny woman on the spoon sat rigid in the milk, her gaze lost in the dark depths of Claire's throat.



A shadow fell over Kristen as the spoon passed between Claire's lips. Kristen felt faint; she struggled to stay conscious. She couldn't tear her eyes away from Claire's throat or from Claire's uvula as hot breath washed over her body. Around her, she was quickly becoming surrounded by teeth and gums and tongue.

A strong desire to see the world for the last time filled Kristen's soul. She finally tore her gaze from Claire's throat, twisted her body at the waist and looked back over her shoulder. Claire's mouth began to close. Kristen looked out at the kitchen through Claire's teeth and lips. She saw the kitchen window--and outside, trees and blue sky. It was a nice day.

The sliver of light got smaller and smaller, until Claire's lips touched, and Kristen was enveloped in darkness.

Claire extracted the spoon from her mouth. Kristen fell onto Claire's tongue in a heap of milk and cereal. Milk splashed everywhere, surging and filling all corners of Claire's mouth. It was pitch black, Kristen couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, everything began to move. Claire's tongue rolled, sweeping cereal to the side in one quick motion. Kristen knew that Claire was about to start chewing. When the spoon was taken away, the almond pinning Kristen down had shifted. She could move again! As the food was being pushed between the huge, sharp molars, Kristen used her legs to push off from Claire's tongue in a last desperate leap in what felt like the opposite direction to which the food was going.

Kristen bounced off a raisin, fell, and skidded along Claire's tongue. Kristen felt the angle suddenly drop downwards, and she desperately dug both of her hands into the thick texture of Claire's tongue in a desperate attempt to keep from tumbling down Claire's throat.

Claire began to chew. Loud crunching sounds assaulted Kristen's ears. She couldn't believe she was still alive. It was a miracle she hadn't been crushed between Claire's molars. Claire's tongue was really moving now, flopping up and down as she chewed her mouthful of food. Kristen dug her nails into the carpet-like fibers of Claire's tongue and hung on. Milk and saliva splashed everywhere, threatening to knock Kristen from her perch. Tears started to flow again as glops of crushed food fell all around her.

Kristen gathered her strength and shouted despite her raw and torn throat. "CLAIRE PLEASE HEAR ME. I'M IN YOUR MOUTH! I'M IN YOUR MOUTH, STOP CHEWING! PLEEEEEEEAASE!"

Chunks of cereal, torn and mashed, mixed with the milk to create a thick paste. Wet glops of the stuff rained down around Kristen. In front of her, a huge ball of the stuff was forming on Claire's tongue.

Kristen's grip started to slip. Milk flowed over her body in a wave, rushing down into Claire's throat.

Suddenly....silence. The chewing stopped.

Kristen held her breath. Claire's tongue lifted and pushed. A wet mass of chewed food slammed into Kristen. The force knocked her from Claire's tongue and carried her away.

Claire swallowed.


She lifted the bowl to her lips and finished off the last remnants of milk in the bottom. Claire thought about making another bowl, but when she looked at her watch she realized she was running late for work. She got up from the table and put the bowl in the sink to be washed later. In a rush, she grabbed her purse, fished out her keys, and ran for the door.

As she rushed towards the front door something caught the corner of her eye. Shantay's bedroom at the end of the hallway was open. Shantay loved privacy, and never left her door open, even when she was home. Claire walked down the hall and peeked in. Shantay wasn't in bed.

Hmmm, that's odd, Claire thought, she always sleeps in on Saturdays.

She turned around and gently knocked on Kristen's door. When she received no answer, she quietly opened the door and peeked in. Kristen wasn't in bed either.

I wonder where those crazy girls are? They never get up this early. Maybe they were out partying last night and crashed somewhere.

Claire shrugged her shoulders, closed Kristen's door, and headed out for work.


Thump thump. Thump-thump. Kristen listened to Claire's heartbeat. It was loud, pounding--but strangely soothing. She lay face up in a mound of chewed food that felt like thick clay. She couldn't move, but was surprised she could breath. Her eyes were growing accustomed to the dark, just enough that she could make out the folds of Claire's stomach walls. It was hot, unbearably so. Kristen felt warmth all around her body. Wait, it wasn't just the air that was warm--stomach acids were mixing in with the food. Kristen could feel the hot burning sensation as it soaked into her clothes and attacked her skin. She clenched her jaw and tried to take her mind off the pain.

Where was Shantay? She had to be in here somewhere. Had she survived like Kristen had? Swallowed alive? Or maybe she was digested already, her body converted to fuel and absorbed into Claire.

Kristen couldn't keep her thoughts focused. The pain was too much. Besides, the past was done. Over. Buying that shrink-gun was the worst thing she'd ever done, but there was no taking it back now. Someone would eventually go to her room and find it. She felt sorry for the poor soul who tried to use it. In a way she felt like she was getting what she deserved, for what happened to Shantay. If only Claire had looked down. If only Claire could have heard her screams. If only...

Claire's stomach contracted and expanded, performing its job of digestion. The air was hot, each minute it was becoming more difficult for Kristen to breath. Liquids washed over her body, threatening to drown her--but somehow she managed to stay afloat. She writhed in pain. Gastric acids attacked her skin, arms, legs. She tried to focus on Claire's heartbeat, and the churning motion of Claire's stomach.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Kristen grew sleepy. Her breathing slowed. Her skin was on fire, but she grew calm. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Claire's heartbeat soothed her. Kristen closed her eyes. A moment later, she drifted beneath the surface of the remains of Claire's breakfast, to be absorbed into Claire's body.

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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby Iris » Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:08 pm

Great story. I love the fact that Claire didn't realize anything even when Kristen was clinging to her tongue. It's too bad none of the story was written from Shantay's perspective. I would have loved to read her thoughts on what was happening to them and find out if she was as lucky as Kristen or if she ended up being crushed to death between Claire's teeth.
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby vorelover07 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:03 pm

Your stories are officially as good as your manips, you sir are my hero.
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby Star_Sage » Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:11 pm

Obviously, I would have preferred a different food, but in the same genre, this wasn't bad at all. You kept the pacing well, with enough backstory that we could understand the character motivations, while the dual perspective kept it moving at a good clip. All in all, an A
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby PitchBlue89 » Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:24 am

Thats awesome, the descriptive way you write is brill, well done...
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby ElPortero » Thu Aug 21, 2008 2:40 am

Good god, is there nothing you can't do??

Amazing story!
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby Tsavo » Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:28 am

Good stuff as always Zombie_Slave.
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby Praexon » Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:30 am

Wonderful work, Zombie_Slave. You're one of my favorite vore authors. I love the way you build horrifying suspense by drawing out a few seconds of action over many paragraphs.
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby deleted1534nc94 » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:28 pm

Your stories are as great as your manips.
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby Wolken » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:56 pm

Great story! Why can't I find the page that had your manips anymore? Am I just blind or something, or is it gone?
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby Zombie_Slave » Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:38 am

Gulped wrote:Great story! Why can't I find the page that had your manips anymore? Am I just blind or something, or is it gone?

Look in the 'Photo Edit' section for the photo manips. Glad you enjoyed the story.
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Postby French_snack » Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:09 pm

Truly excellent. Your descriptions are detailed and very well done; they really bring the story to life. The scene in the mouth was one of the very best I've ever read. Of course, your story appealed to my preferences (innocent predator), which is one reason why I liked it, but it was a vore story at its best. Well written, and it conveys the perspective of the character perfectly.
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Postby Zombie_Slave » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:09 pm

Laura's Secret by Zombie Slave (f/f shrink)

Laura could hardly wait. Her stomach growled; her mouth watered. She quickened her pace up the final flight of stairs to her apartment. She fumbled for her keys, slipped them in the lock and opened the door. Once inside, she closed the door, threw the deadbolt and leaned against the cool wood.

She sighed in relief. She’d made it. She was home with no problems or setbacks; nobody had seen what she’d done. Nobody had witnessed the kidnapping. Laura was always nervous when she went out in search of victims, but once it was over and she was safely back home the anxiety drained from her body, her feelings replaced with pure excitement.

Her stomach growled. Laura hadn’t eaten all day in anticipation of her special treat and now the hunger was unbearable. Not wanting to waste any more time, Laura made for the kitchen, flipping on her apartment lights as she went. She would have to work fast. Her roommate, Stephanie, would get off work in an hour and would be home soon after that. Laura would have to finish her meal before Stephanie got home, or risk getting caught. Laura shuttered at the thought. How could she explain what she was about to do to anyone, even her roommate? No, better to keep her dinner activities a secret.

Once in the kitchen Laura placed her purse (containing her special prize) on her elegant glass surfaced kitchen table. Then she rushed over to her cupboards and selected a glossy white plate. This she set down on the table in front of her chair. Smiling, she sat down, flipped her long blond hair back over her shoulders and reached into her purse. Her stomach growled again as she pulled out an old prescription bottle of which the label had been removed long ago. Laura held the bottle near her plate, unscrewed the lid—which had holes punched in the top to let air in—and tilted the contents of the bottle out.

Out of the bottle fell a tiny woman--perfectly normal except for the fact that she was only about two and a half inches tall. The woman was dressed in black, in a style that may be called goth by most that saw her—black skirt, knee-high boots, and a black t-shirt that said “Something Wiccan This Way Comes“. Her matching black hair was cropped short and purposefully tussled to appear unruly, a style probably copied from some band she’d seen on MTV or Youtube. She was slim, attractive, but not as young as her clothes might have suggested. When Laura had picked her out at the party, she had noticed that the woman appeared to be in her late 20’s, possibly even 30.

Laura put down the empty bottle and rubbed her hands together, giddy with excitement as the tiny woman regained her balance from her tumble from the pill bottle. The girl stood up, looked around in confusion. When she finally looked up at Laura, she jumped back a step and let out a startled shriek.

Laura laughed out loud. She loved that look--the look that comes over a tiny victim’s face when they look up to see her massive face looking down at them. Laura often liked to imagine what it would be like if she were tiny, looking up at her own imposing form. At this moment, she would look up to see a young, startlingly attractive woman (if she did say so herself) with long flowing blond hair, hazel eyes, streamlined eyebrows and large full lips. Not quite Angelina Jolie lips, but close. Today it was cold out, so she was wearing a black sweater, pulled tight over her ample bosom. Yep, she made one beautiful domineering giant.

“Hi,” Laura said to the tiny girl on her plate and laughed again in excitement. It was great the way the tiny girl was looking up at her in awe.

The woman frantically looked to the left, then to the right. She turned in a full circle looking all around Laura’s kitchen, which must seem massive from her point-of-view. When she was facing Laura again she asked in a tiny voice, “Wh—where am I? What happened to me?”

Laura rolled her eyes. Every meal started the same way. The victims always had to ask ‘What happened?’ and ‘Where am I?’ It was so boring answering those questions every time. Oh well, at least the girl didn’t faint and wasn’t just screaming hysterically. That would spoil the fun—and part of the fun was in the taunting.

“Listen, you look like a smart girl, you can figure it out,” Laura began. “Long story short—you were at a party a few hours ago—“

“I don’t remember a party,” the woman said, her voice soft and quiet.

“Don’t interrupt me. And speak up; it’s hard for me to hear you. Just listen, I want to get all of this preliminary crap over with. I went to a party at a friend of a friend’s place. You were there. You didn’t look like you were having too good a time. You seemed like you were kinda awkward, like it wasn’t really your crowd but didn’t want to ditch because you probably came with friends and didn’t want to ruin their good time. Anyway I kept watch on you all evening until you finally got up for a bathroom break. I followed you down the hall and into bathroom and zapped you. You’ll remember soon but the amnesia is just a temporary side-effect of the shrinking process.”

“You shrank me?”

“Obviously,” Laura said. She reached into her purse and pulled out a black box that looked like a tazer. “It has a fancy name but I just call it what it is--a shrink-gun. Don’t believe me? Just look at your surroundings, it works.” She put the shrink-gun back in her purse.

“So…so you followed me into the bathroom and you shot me with that thing?” The girl put a hand to her head, massaging her temple. “I’m starting to remember a little now. Just—dizziness, and the room changing, everything getting bigger. Yes, I remember you now! I looked up and you were reaching down for me! Then you scooped me up in a bottle!”

“That’s right,” Laura said. “Then I slipped you into my purse and discretely left the party. And here we are, back at my place.”

The small woman raised her arms out to the side. “But why would you do that? What are you going to do with me?”

A broad smile lit up Laura’s face. “I’ll let you figure it out. I would think it’s pretty obvious.”

The woman dropped her hands back to her sides. She looked around again. She looked up at Laura, then out at the kitchen, then down at the dinner plate. Something clicked, a realization must have come to the tiny girl as her eyes shot open wide in shock.

“I—I’m on a plate. Wh...Why am I on a plate?” The woman said.

“I told you to speak up so I can hear you,” Laura said. She had heard the tiny girl just fine, but she wanted the woman to say it again.

“Why am I on a plate?” The woman said, practically shouting this time.

“Well food goes on a plate, doesn’t it? And food gets eaten right?” Laura said. As she said it, the tiny girl’s face became slack and pale, as if all the blood had drained from her body. She now looked truly goth with her pale skin and black clothes.

“But—why would you do that, it doesn’t make any sense?”

“What is your name?” Laura asked, ignoring the woman’s question.

“Lilith,” the woman said, her voice shaking.

Of course, Lilith, a nice goth sounding name. “Well Lilith, I’m going to do it because I want to. It excites me, I love it. That’s all you need to know. I’m hungry and you’re going to be my meal this evening. I am in command and you are my food. Understand? I’ve been through this many times before. Begging, pleading, crying—none of it will help you now, but you can scream if you want to.”

Lilith didn’t say a word. She turned and bolted, running for the edge of the plate. Laura laughed and effortlessly swooped down with her left hand just as Lilith was leaping from the plate to the table. Laura caught the woman in the palm of her hand and returned her to the center of the plate.

“You can’t escape,” Laura said. “It’s pointless to try. Now, we can’t be wasting any more time. Do as I say and it will be easier for you. Try to escape again, or disobey me and I’ll chew you up, got it? I’ll smash your body and grind you up between my molars.”

“Oh my God!” the woman said from below.

“However if you do as I say then I’ll just swallow you whole, no nasty chewing. Doesn’t that sound better?”

Lilith hung her head in her hands. “Oh….my God,” she said again, her voice quaking with fear. “I…I don’t want to be chewed or swallowed or anything. I was just out at a party and now…this is some kind of nightmare. I want to go home. I don’t even know who you are. And now you’re going to--” Her voice broke off in a half-sob, half-moan.

Laura licked her lips. The fear in the shrunken woman’s voice was feeding her excitement. “Do you know what’ll happen when you’re eaten Lilith?”

The tiny woman dropped to her knees. “Leave me alone. You—you won’t do it. You can’t do it. This is insane, I’m a human being!”

“You are food!” Laura yelled back, just loud enough to make Lilith grimace in pain and cover her ears. “Now if I may finish?” When Lilith removed her hands from her ears, Laura continued, “What happens to food Lilith? Where does it end up?”

“Leave me alone,” Lilith said.

“Tsk, tsk. Remember what I said about being chewed. You don’t want that right? So answer my question.” Laura loved this; the fear radiating from the tiny shaking girl was feeding her arousal—and her hunger.

Lilith looked up at Laura, her eyes wide with panic. “It…it ends up in your stomach.”

Laura smiled broadly, showing as many teeth as she could.“Exactly right little Lilith. When you are eaten, you will end up in my stomach, which I’ve kept empty all day in preparation for you. In my stomach, you’ll be bounced around and covered with juices, and you’ll be slowly digested. Then, you’ll be a part of me. Well, most of you will be. Sometimes I notice bones in the toilet the next day.”

“Oh my God stop!” Lilith screamed. “Please let me go, please? I—I don’t want to be eaten, please I’m begging you!”

“I told you no begging allowed. Remember; follow my commands unless you want to get chewed.” Laura stole a glance at her watch. It was getting late. Stephanie would be home soon, there was no time to waste. She wanted to tease and taunt Lilith some more about the digestive process, but she needed to speed things up. “I wish I had more time Lilith, but the introductions are out of the way now. It’s time to get down to business. First step: take off your clothes. I’ll let you keep some dignity, stripping down to your panties and bra will be fine. Do it. Come on, hurry up.”

For a full minute Lilith was motionless. Then finally, shaking with terror, Lilith stood up and began to undress. She started with her knee-high boots. She unzipped them both with shaking hands, pulled them off, and dropped them aside. Next to come off was her skirt, which she pulled down, then kicked off onto the boots. Finally, she pulled off her t-shirt and added it to the pile. Done now, Lilith stood below Laura’s enormous smiling face, wearing nothing but a bra and panties—both black, of course.

“Good,” Laura said. “Now lie down.” The woman on the plate did as she was told. Laura’s stomach growled again, her mouth filled with saliva. She bent forward, close to the plate, parted her lips and extended her tongue. Lilith screamed as Laura ran her tongue over Lilith’s body, tasting her. Laura slid her tongue up Lilith’s legs and belly, then up over the small mounds of her breasts, then playfully licked around Lilith’s face and shoulders. The girl was tiny and Laura’s tongue covered her like a blanket. Lilith squirmed beneath Laura’s tongue, but surprisingly didn’t fight back. Her initial startled scream had reduced to low whimpers.

Laura continued to lick Lilith’s body, savoring the softness of the girl’s skin and the salty taste of her sweat. Then, with a practiced flip of her tongue, Laura gently rolled the tiny woman over onto her stomach. Then she continued to lick at the woman’s legs, buttocks, and back. Saliva dripped from Laura’s tongue, covering Lilith in thick glistening wetness which dripped off her body and pooled around her in a puddle.

The shrunken woman endured Laura’s tongue for minutes on end. She thrashed, squirmed, moaned in disgust, but made no attempt to flee or to fight. Laura loved when her food moved, but didn’t try to escape every two seconds or claw at her tongue with their fingernails. Lilith was turning out to be a really good find—scared shitless (which excited Laura) but yet resigned to her fate.

Laura took a few more quick licks up and down Lilith’s body, and then withdrew her tongue. Thick strings of saliva broke away as Laura lifted her mouth from the woman’s body.

Lilith pushed with her hands and flopped over onto her back. She was coughing and gasping for air. The poor girl had probably been partially drowning in that puddle of saliva. Laura didn’t care. If that tiny girl thought it was wet now—there was much more in store for her.

“You tasted good,” Laura said gently, as if she were talking to a lover. “So—now we’ve talked a little, I’ve tasted you, and you’re nice and slippery. I can’t wait any longer; I’ve been so hungry all day. I want you in my stomach”. Traditionally at this point Laura would start taunting her victim again for several more minutes before finally lifting the victim up by her legs and slowly lowering her into her mouth. This time a new idea came into her head. But would Lilith play along? Only one way to find out. Laura was about to speak, but the tiny wet girl on the plate spoke first.

“There’s nothing I can say? Nothing I can do to stop this?” Her voice was tiny, desperate, however not quite quaking with fear as it had been before.

Laura smiled; she wondered if it looked gentle or wicked to the small girl. “Nope. You are food to me. There is no escape, like I said before. I have an idea, one final command for you—and you will make the final decision. I’m going to kneel down and put my head even with the plate. I’ll open my mouth for you, as wide as I can. I want you to climb inside and lay down on my tongue. Climb in as deep as you can, all the way back to my throat. I want to feel you back there at my tonsils.”

The shrunken woman put her face in her hands and simply said, “Oh my God.”

With my head low,” Laura continued, “I won’t be able to see you from that angle, so you can make a run for it. But like when you tried before, you won’t get far. And if you decide to run, I’ll catch you, and I’ll chew you to bits. Those are your options. “

Laura felt exhilarated. She loved this idea. She had never forced one of her victims to actually walk right into her mouth, to their own doom before. She tried to imagine what it would be like—standing on a plate with her own wide open mouth gaping open like a cave, her dark throat waiting for its meal. Having to actually walk toward that mouth, to have to climb inside, over lips and teeth onto the soft rolling tongue. The thought gave her chills.

She looked down at her prey. The girl was still standing in the center of the plate, her face hidden in her hands. She may have been crying, Laura couldn’t tell. It didn’t matter. All she wanted was for Lilith to be in her mouth so she could swallow her down. Laura scooted her chair back and dropped down on her knees on the floor. Her chin was now only an inch or so higher than the surface of the kitchen table. She reached out and moved the plate towards her face, so that its edge touched her lower lip. Laura opened her mouth. She did so slowly (she hoped Lilith was watching), so that her victim would get the full effect of her enormous pink maw opening up. She opened as wide as she could, until it was almost painful. Then she extended her tongue out as far as she could onto the plate like a red carpet being rolled out for a celebrity.

She waited. Seconds ticked by—then a minute. Saliva started to pool under her tongue and around her gums. Keeping her mouth open was becoming a strain, her mouth started to droop slightly closed. Had Lilith decided to try to escape? That would be immensely disappointing. Laura would have to catch her and follow through on her threat of chewing her up—an act that really didn’t appeal to her at all. She used the threat as a scare tactic, but so far she’d never had to resort to it.

Just when she was about to close her mouth and go hunting for Lilith, Laura felt the pressure of tiny hands on her tongue, followed by knees and feet. Lilith hadn’t tried to escape after all—she was crawling up onto Laura’s tongue! Laura let out an excited “ahhhhhh” sound, as if she was at the doctor’s office getting a check-up. She relaxed her tongue and tried to keep it still so that Lilith could climb onto it more easily.

Laura was ecstatic. She savored the feel of the shrunken girl as she clumsily climbed onto her tongue. She could feel the girl’s fingers grasping and pulling on the fibers of her tongue as she struggled for grip. She could taste the girl’s skin as she climbed over taste buds.

From below, Laura could hear the tiny girl muttering, “Oh shit…oh my God…oh shit..” over and over.

Afraid the girl would slip on her slippery tongue, Laura decided to help out a little. She lifted with her tongue and drew it back into her mouth, carrying Lilith along for the ride. The shrunken woman was fully engulfed now, but Laura kept her mouth open wide. She relaxed the back of her tongue, letting it drop so that her throat would be fully exposed to the woman in her mouth. Now she waited to see if Lilith would finish the instructions Laura had given her.

A moment later Laura felt Lilith begin to crawl again. Laura tried to keep her tongue as still as possible but it had a mind of its own; it twisted and flopped from side to side. Laura felt hands probing her teeth, tongue, and palate as Lilith struggled forward, trying to maintain balance. The girl worked her way in deeper and deeper until finally Laura felt a tiny hand touch her left tonsil. Then she heard words that she’d never heard before from any of her victims:

“Okay…I…I’m ready,” said the barely discernable voice from within Laura’s mouth.

Laura closed her eyes and moaned. As she often did she switched places with her victims in her mind. She tried to imagine this moment—lying on a warm, wet tongue, looking down into a dark open throat. In front of her face, a uvula would dance up and down, so close she could grab it. So Lilith was ready was she? She didn’t think any victim could actually grasp what was about to happen, no way, at least not until…

Laura gently closed her mouth. She sucked with her tongue and forced all the saliva she could onto Lilith. Laura tilted her head back. She relaxed her tongue even more, and then pushed. The realization of what was happening must have finally hit home for Lilith. She may have claimed to be ready before, but not any longer. A scream ripped loose from within Laura’s mouth. Lilith said she had been ready, but how could anyone truly be ready for this? She screamed long and hard as she slipped over the back of Laura’s tongue, into her throat.

Laura swallowed. A squirming bulge travelled down her neck, into her body. A moment later her rumbling stomach received its meal. When she felt the alive squirming body of Lilith enter her stomach, Laura let out a moan of pleasure; her body went rigid as if in orgasm. Her stomach was finally filled, she had waited all day and her hunger was finally quenched.

She got up and sat back down in her chair. She reveled in the sensations of the tiny struggling woman in her stomach. She imagined her stomach walls rippling and churning, tossing poor Lilith around as digestive juices created a pool around her. Laura’s body was on automatic now, it would take that girl—that teeny goth woman—and absorb her, to become a part of her forever.

Minutes passed. The squirming in Laura’s stomach slowly became less and less, until it was barely a tickle. Moments later, even that was gone. It was over. Another wonderful night and one more victim digested. Laura let her mind wander. She was already thinking of where to find her next meal, or maybe even to try more than one next time. Yes, maybe try a group, that would really fill her stomach—

“My God Laura.” The voice broke through Laura’s euphoric daydreaming, startling her. She shot up from her chair so fast it fell over backward, crashing to the floor. She knew the voice that had spoken. But she wasn’t supposed to be home yet!

“Stephanie!” Laura said. Her roommate was home, and was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, her eyes locked on Laura. “I…I thought you were at work! I was just, I mean I was—how long have you been home? “

“Save it,” Stephanie said. “I didn’t go in to work today. I saw what you did Laura. I saw the whole damn thing. “

Laura felt like she had been punched in the gut. She wanted to throw up (which may have saved Lilith if it had happened sooner). Stephanie had been home the whole time, maybe watching from the shadows of the living room. Laura had assumed she was out and was so excited about her meal that she didn’t notice her roommate was in the apartment. How could she have been so stupid?

She had been caught. In her mind Laura saw the police coming to her door, guns drawn. She would be arrested, there would be a murder trial, then prison. Her own face wpi;d be plastered on every news network in the world for her bizarre crimes. Worst of all she saw a life of never being able to devour any more tiny people ever again.

There was only one thing to do. She made a grab for her purse, and the shrink-gun inside. Her hand grasped the rectangular box and pulled it out. She pointed it at Stephanie. Poor Stephanie, her friend and roommate of three years. Now there was only one place for her, one place that would ensure she never told anyone about Laura’s activities. Laura had already had her special dinner meal, maybe now it was time for dessert.

She raised the shrink-gun and fired.

To be continued?

So is this the end? What should happen? Should I continue and have Laura eat her roommate, or maybe Stephanie gives Laura a taste of her own medicine? If you have ideas, let me know.
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Postby 11millionseconds » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:31 pm

Nice work ZS. I like the writing style... it's transparent to the point that it flows really well and doesn't leave obvious vore "checkpoints" sticking out.

In my opinion I would take another twist with the next story. Have Stephanie not be angry at Laura. Have Stephanie be a voraphile and do a willing self-feeding, to Laura's surprise. I'm not sure how much this fits with something you want to write on, but it's where my mind was going.
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Postby etrius » Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:24 am

i like stephanie givinlaura a taste of her own medacine i like the what goes around come around factor
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Postby Karbo » Thu Jan 01, 2009 2:49 pm

Nice to see you writting again ^_^

As for the following, well you could have also Stepahnie avoiding the beam and try to talk to Laura. After all she don't have necessarily the intention to report Laura to the police and Laura could wish to share her secret fantasy with her... Just an idea :P
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Postby Zombie_Slave » Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:26 am

In my opinion I would take another twist with the next story. Have Stephanie not be angry at Laura. Have Stephanie be a voraphile and do a willing self-feeding, to Laura's surprise. I'm not sure how much this fits with something you want to write on, but it's where my mind was going.[/quote]

Hmmm, that sounds like an interesting idea. You mean Stephanie would actually be willing to be shrunken down and eaten by her friend? That could work. That way I can switch the POV to Stephanie and have more fun with the narrative.

Thanks also to Etrius and Karbo for the replies and ideas!
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Postby Fidel2323 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:40 pm

that was really good^^
would be cool, if stephanie could eat laura :D
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Postby sabrina_diamond » Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:19 pm

I want Stephanie to give Laura a taste of her own medicine! Cause, my name is... *whispers and looks around* also Stephanie! Meeps! Make the shrink ray backfire!
*Chomp, slideee, gurgle gurgle* Must have ate something off! *screaming*
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Re: Zombie Slave's Vore Stories

Postby ChrisXPZ » Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:29 am

:D Luv ur stories! Could you by chance post your Friend No More story here? :3 I love that one! As for Laura, I'd much like her accidentally shoot a mirror or something and hit herself, maybe Stephine has the same fetish? But 1 pred and 2 victims always seems like your thing :wink:

Also that other idea with Stephine getting willingly eaten sound good too :)

And Karbo's Idea... They're all so good!... Alternate endings? lol :-D
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