[CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

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[CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby MariaTheRipper » Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:55 pm

Hello everyone! ^_^

As it turns out, before I planned to turn my activities bound to my fetishes to writing, I initially wanted to draw.
But because I am a terrible drawer, I thought of using a software to make models as bases for my characters and situations.
Then again, it could be restrictive because it is not easy, even with mods, to make an unbirth belly, with same-size-ish proportions; but as I started to see demonstrations of mod prowesses on Custom Maid 3D 2, notably from TEN who is the CM3D2 artist by excellence over on Pixiv in my opinion :3, I thought I might unrust an old trial version I have found long ago and give it a shot myself.

And about a bit more than a week later, I thought I might share some results as well.
The character featured here is my own avatar (you may have guessed lol), and only her naked form is featured, because I could not find all pieces of her outfit, and she is not too maid-ish to begin with. :D

The modset I have used to make it work was ShapeAnimator and a body model called LoLite (which stands for LoPoly Lite, and I took this one because as the model evolved, its v2 was only compatible with COM3D2, the game's sequel, leaving me with LoLite as my only option) and features many shapekeys to arrange the character's body model as you wish. Here, the shapekeys I have altered to get to this belly are:
- hara, bote_bara (of course :3) for the volume basis
- boko, bokop for general and upper volume adjustment
- mus_hara to bring some horizontal width to the belly, as well as debu_fat_body only on a small range
- debu_hara, debu_hara_s, mus_hara, mus_hara_old to give shape to an unbirth/vore belly from a pregnant belly
- debu_pelvis_x and debu_spine1_x for smaller details

This method does come with a couple of drawbacks however:
- the body model will not/barely manage collisions with the rest; you can see here with the hair going through the breasts, but it gets even worse with clothes.
- as a consequence, you have to be picky with the pose. This pose right here was the best choice, most probably, but many others will either clip through the belly or worse, fold the belly outright (this is where I wish not to be the one inside. :oops: )
- for the moment, it can be confused with a vore belly as well in digestion phase, as it looks a bit pudgy from the debu_* shapekeys. Then again, I have seen many cases where it is hard to make a difference without knowing which gate the host has opened, so maybe we can let it slide. ^^;

The good news are though, this is not where limits are drawn. It will require some knowledge in shapekeys and editing through Blender, but you can push shapekey limit values even further to a certain extent to get to your objectives. That being said, please do not expect further results on my end, I am in the exploration phase too after all. ^^;

That being said, while complicated to set up, CM3D2 modding is a fun experience to get into, and I am pretty sure there are ways to push bellies far beyond what we can do until now (virtual bellies, that is x3).

I have also added a few extra images for comparison purposes.

Enjoy and have a good day! ^_^
The "final" result (for the moment)
Front view.
Side view.
Reference nude model
Reference nude model (behind)
Upper limit for pregnant bellies with hara, bote_bara, boko and bokop
As you can see, we miss some horizontal roundness...
aria_preg1_2.png (229.48 KiB) Viewed 3931 times
Surprise phantom unbirthing :3
Aria Lavinde

Link to my CM3D2 works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/38765284
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariaLavinde

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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby mudkip01 » Sun Jul 26, 2020 2:59 am

Looks good, I love seeing new CM3D2 content
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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby Kaboomer » Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:40 pm

Awesome, I am looking foward to this. :-D
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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby MariaTheRipper » Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:39 am

Hello again! ^_^

I have come back with a good progression and a method to make a simple unbirth belly mod. :-D

There has not been any new mods to add to the game outside of the two first I used, but you need Blender 2.8x as well as the CM3D2 converter plug-in for it you can find in the link below:

1. Install Blender 2.8x and the one CM3D2 model converter you will find on GitHub.
2. Open Blender and import LoLite or any other body model you prefer (twice)
3. Scale the second model down, change its pose to fetal position and get it close to the first model's belly.
4. Select the first model, and in edit mode, subdivide the belly's edges twice and triangulate the faces around (Select > Select more). If you do not, the belly will be very pointy looking and some faces around the belly may disappear from your model.
5. Toggle Sculpt Mode, create a new Shapekey, set its value to 1.0.
6. From here, sculpt the belly as if your model was a slime girl to engulf the unbirthee (second model) inside of it. Once you are done doing so, you can adjust to the unbirthee's shape.
7. Toggle Object mode, select the first model and export it to the filename you have imported. Of course, make sure you have backed it up. (´• ω •`)
8. Open the game, fiddle with the new shapekey you have made... It is complete! ( ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

Like last time, here are images of the yielding of this method on my hand. I could probably fill up the gap under the belly still, but I am rather satisfied with the result right now. ^w^

Enjoy! :-D
Because unbirth belly hugs are the best~~
Aria Lavinde

Link to my CM3D2 works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/38765284
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariaLavinde

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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby MariaTheRipper » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:52 pm

Good evening! ^_^

I have come back with what could be my last update in this thread for a while, since my student life will resume pretty soon.

So my initiative while doing this third version was because I have noticed that the volume of the same-size belly in the previous post corresponded to a person with height of around only 85-90 cm... which is very small. Surely Aria will not be able to take in a lot of patients with that.
So to help me further in achieving that goal, now that I have learnt how to use the MultipleMaids plugin, I have created another character of higher height. More precisely 133 cm. This is still fairly small for a human size, but it would be unwise to rush all the way up to 175 cm, which would be a satisfying endgoal.

First, I had to get the pose ready no matter what. I highly recommend you save both poses (unbirther and unbirthee) immediately after you are done preparing them, for with MultipleMaids' bones, PartsEdit's vectors and gizmos, you would mistakenly move a conveniently placed limb, forcing you to reposition it again.
Then, you have to just toggle from Blender's Sculpt mode to the game's Edit mode while observing the lacking parts. That is it, really. There is no mesh editor plugin in the game, alas.
I personally used another shapekey to use on top of the other one for that effect. This is the only thing I can recommend for the moment, since mixed shapekeys can either be ineffective or breaky.
And then, really, if a toe, hair or butt was to clip out of the belly, you can always move the unbirthee (Z + drag the model) or rotate them with their cube bone, enabled from MultipleMaids; or change the pose altogether. At some point, sculpting a belly conveniently half-blindly is hard, and I can hardly imagine how I will take on the 175cm size objective. (... with a clone of Aria, for sure, but there is not the point...)
I also recommend using AlwaysColorChangeEx to see through the unbirther's skin. To do that, toggle the panel with F12, select the unbirther's model, go to the body/skin category and use a transparent shader (like CM3D2/Toony_Lighted_Outline_Trans or maybe CM3D2/Toony_Lighted_Trans_NoZ). From there, you can adjust the unbirthee's pose without having to look through every point of view to see if nothing clips out.

The spheres and cube represent the joints in the pose of the unbirthee. I have ensured no bits of their body were clipping through the belly, which made the sculpting exercise harder naturally.
There were two main defaults to this belly however: first, the unbirth belly was too far away from the host...
...second, the belly was not round enough. This part was further confirmed by viewers who replied to the Pixiv poll I have made upon publishing.

As you can see though, the first result was far from perfect, but it is still fairly convenient for on-going unbirth screenshots, if you really like to see the belly's growth in action. :D
So I have made another shapekey to force some roundiness on the belly. When you reproduce it, do not be scared to get over the top, you may always set it to a lower value as you please. It is even better if you want even a limited range of morphology variety to take a better screenshot.

And so, the belly was made rounder by the effects of a shapekey I have made to adjust roundness, for a better looking result.
It also fixed the distance to the host. However, the shapekeys I previously used for the headbump and the sidebumps are no longer effective.

And now, a couple tricks to help you level up your CM3D2SSUBBMSC game. :3 (Custom Maid 3D 2 Same-Size UnBirth Belly Mod Screen Capture)

First, making the unbirthee go inside the womb is a tough positioning game. But so long as you know what you are doing, you may use AlwaysColorChangeEX to "cheat" a little bit and make a selection of body parts disappear, so you can solely focus on what is still "outside".
1. Toggle the panel with F12 and select the unbirthee.
2. Notice the parts that are out of the belly which are supposed to be inside (shoes, stockings...), select them and use Transparent/Diffuse shaders and switch their alpha value to 0.
3. If some skin parts still subsist, change the clothes there for something that will mask a bigger portion of the body.
4. Repeat until satisfied.
Here is a small bonus where the unbirth magic nears its completion. [br]Magic, in that I have used ACCEx here to cheat for the fit :3[/br]

Second, for a X-Ray view of the unbirthee inside (it may also serve as a proof that they were not reduced in size somewhat :3), you will have to use PngPlacement, as well as a flesh/womb/stomach background saved as a .png you have found. And of course, another image editor for both layers to fuse. (I used Gimp personally)
1. Place the image in Sybaris/Plugins/UnityInjector/Config/PngPlacement
2. When you have prepared the unbirthing and the camera, let's make the object. Bring up the window with P, make the image object, and adjust its size, X:Z scaling and position. Then set the alpha to 0.
3. Without moving the camera, take the first screenshot. Then with MultipleMaids, hide the unbirther, hide the background with R+U, set the alpha to the maximum, and take the second screenshot.
4. Superpose both layers on Gimp perfectly, and apply transparency mask on the upper layer's belly. You may also add a transparent clone of it if you want. Done!
And a small demonstration of the tutorial above on how to do inside views of the unbirth belly (the unbirthee's identity is a professional secret)

Last but not least, but this is more used for its natural purpose: you may use PartsEdit for fixes on the hair and the such (but not the breasts, they have their own physics processing in CM3D2 alas :/). You can either solve the last clipping issues or even change the hair's position so it lays on the belly for example. :3

Did I mention how much Aria loves hugs? Especially unbirth belly hugs? :3 Here is a last one for the go~

And that settles it for now on this little fun adventure which allowed me to make pictural unbirth content at last. It was hard to set up, but very worth it in the end. ;)

I have no plans on making the body model or the Aria preset available for now for a handful of reasons:
* I am not too satisfied with the "tree model" of the belly shapekeys for now. Some shapekeys do not work in every case, and it bugs me because I am sure there is a way to make this right.
* For the many shapekeys I would have to make, I need to make shapekeys compatible for the clothes a character may be wearing. And not only do I not know how to do that yet, but also is this going to be extremely time-consuming.
* Speaking of clothes... Aria does not have any for now, except a temporary babydoll and underwear set, but this is not exactly what I want for her. (She does not even have a character sheet yet, for heck's sake... >.>")
But if I ever find the time to come back to CM3D2 modding, I would like to go for the height objective I desire, or:
* some lamia unbirthing sequence
* the re-enactment of the Passionlip/Guda(k)o hug from inside the cleavage of her breast valley that I have once written as a short story
* or Aria unbirthing a dullahan original character with her head snuggling above her breasts~~
... Or actually model some darn clothes for Aria, because if I do not, I would sense a waste of potential coming from my own online persona. :oops:

But hopefully I can still resume with the writing during this next semester. :3

For now, I hope you have enjoyed watching my works and progress (even if it was fairly short), and/or attempted to reproduce it yourself. :wink:
And I will see you again next time! :-D
Aria Lavinde

Link to my CM3D2 works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/38765284
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariaLavinde

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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby MariaTheRipper » Tue Dec 01, 2020 3:08 am

Hello again~ Long time no see~ ^w^

For those who are still playing Custom Maid 3D 2 (or maybe even Custom Order Maid 3D 2), and are still interested in making same-size unbirth screenshots out of it, I have made my mod available for download. :-D
You may download it at the link below:

To use it, extract everything in the Sybaris/GameData folder, just like you would for most other mods around. :3
Then, under the body category, you should see this icon to click to enable the body mod.

The body mod's icon
lolite_tnkk_i_.png (13.6 KiB) Viewed 2064 times

There are a couple disclaimers in the README_please.MD file, but I will quote a few of them here:
* I have not tested compatibility with COM3D2. Since it forks over LoBody Lite which used to be made compatible for COM3D2, there is a chance it still works, but I would not be too confident about that.
* Whenever you do not use it for its belly shapekeys, you will probably want to revert to the normal LoBody Lite mod (should you have it), to spare some memory load on your program (not only because of the shapekeys, also because the belly has been subdivided two times over, so the number of vertices has been propelled quite upwards. :3)

I plan to remake it from the ground up, now that I have also figured out myself how to do it. In the meantime, I still wanted to make it available for the others; it is still very imperfect and rather rough, but it was my way to be thankful for being followed by 200 people on Pixiv on my rather experimental journey. ^w^

The belly shapekeys made available by this mod

I hope you may have fun with this mod.
Until then, have a good day! :)
Aria Lavinde

Link to my CM3D2 works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/38765284
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariaLavinde

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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby Bradash » Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:53 am

I hope to get this game it looks amazing, so much effort put into this!
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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby MariaTheRipper » Tue Jul 13, 2021 12:33 pm

Greetings everyone!

I have come back after a long absence to provide with an update on this mod~
Introducing lopoly_lite_tnkk version 1.2! <3

This new version comprises many new shapekeys, and has references that you may also find in this gallery for you to see what you can do with it! Make sure to try lots of things to satisfy your same-size endosoma needs of montaging~ Which leads to more applications to the mod, such as:
- letting the head pop out
- laying down on a bed with the belly full of someone
- bigger bellies with ModsSlider alterations and the such...

Overall presentation of what is new in this version

A preview of what the belly shapekeys can do

Preview of the spreading of butt cheeks and thighs to avoid clipping of the head popping out of the vagina

Preview of the spreading of the vagina and the lips

If something requires fixing still, you can tell us about it and we will do our best to fix what needs to be fixed~

Here are a few more previews for the go~





Have fun and have a good day everyone~ (✿˵ゝ◡•˵)◜♡*
Aria Lavinde

Link to my CM3D2 works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/38765284
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariaLavinde

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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby blyatman » Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:40 am

MariaTheRipper, so how do i use this, i got to the point were i could select the new option under the body tab but now what?
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Re: [CM3D2] Attempting to make a same-size unbirth belly

Postby MariaTheRipper » Wed Oct 13, 2021 4:19 pm

blyatman wrote:MariaTheRipper, so how do i use this, i got to the point were i could select the new option under the body tab but now what?

Hi and thank you for the download! ヾ(*'▽'*)
As per indicated in the readme file, you will need a plugin called ShapeAnimator in order to make this work. In case it is COM3D2, some people also use ShapeKeyMaster instead for that purpose.
So long as you have a plugin that changes the value of a shapekey, you can use the body mod as intended.
ShapeAnimator latest version for COM3D2: https://ux.getuploader.com/insight_MOD_O/download/110
ShapeKeyMaster for COM3D2: https://github.com/krypto5863/COM3D2.Sh ... r/releases
ShapeAnimator for CM3D2: https://ux.getuploader.com/cm3d2_e/download/326
(Be mindful of the game and the version you are using, but if you are in the latest versions, you should be good to go.)
Assuming you can already select the body mod option in the menu, you already have a functioning mod set, so you should get the next steps done easily. ^w^

(For the following, since I use CM3D2 modded with Sybaris, I will give you the ShapeAnimator example, but the other ones should be more or less analogous)
Once this is done, you would simply extract the .dll in the archive into Sybaris/Plugins/UnityInjector, and the IgnoreMenus.txt in its Config subdirectory, should you need that in the future.
The .cs source code is just for tinkering if you love yourself some C# modding, but other than that, you will not need it.

Then, by booting the game, Sybaris will load it like another mod, and you should be able to open it by pressing F4 in Edit mode. (I think Studio mode works too? But I never used it, really).

Screenshot from 2021-08-08 15-17-45.png
Do not mind the absence of text. Unless you run a wonky Wine (Linux) set-up, you should see text in here, in Japanese or English. ^w^'

The way the plugin works is as such: with the + button on the bottom-right of your interface, you can add a new block which will hold the name of your shapekey, and the value of it will be adjusted with the slider.
You can then, in the case of this mod, combine multiple sliders until you find a belly of the size and shape you wish. :3
You can also group shapekey bindings between them, designate another maid whose shapekey will be modified, or even animate it with some simple value animation (linear, sine,...), but I find that complex and of little use in this case.

Be mindful of one thing though: if you set a facial expression and change a shapekey value, it will reset it to a neutral expression, as facial expressions are just a combination of shapekeys.
To counteract that, if you have something like MultipleMaids to manage your scenes, you can get the menu open on the expression tab and tinker your sliders like this.

I hope it was of help and that you may have fun. ^w^ Getting a modded setup working can be hefty, but being able to manipulate unbirth bellies in 3D as you prefer can make it worth it~
Let me know if you have other hurdles, I will do my best to help. :)
Aria Lavinde

Link to my CM3D2 works: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/38765284
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariaLavinde

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