F prey looking for any pred

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F prey looking for any pred

Postby Silverwolf » Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:41 pm

I am a female prey just looking to fall victim to a pred. The setting of the story doesn't matter to me that we can talk about. I also enjoy rping without vore it makes a nice change of pace and I do offer it to anyone that would like to take a break from vore.

Non vore interest is Sonic the hedgehog, pokemon or Naruto/boruto and many more too much to list.

Preds I like to be prey for
Plants( can be half human or kinda like posion ivy from Batman series
Nekos ( animals that turn human takes on human form but still have ears and tails )
Male or female preds even genderless preds (no herms )
Canon charaters (anime or reguar TV series )

Soft/oral /safe vore (it all depends on the mood I will do it )
Soul vore ( energy draining youth draining ect)
Absorbtion ( becoming one with the pred though contact )
Non fatal
Non willing
Kinky stuff (sexual not anything gross )

Will do(pending on rp idea )
Multiple prey most of them can be willing

I mainly rp in pm or messenger I have discord hit me up if your intrested
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