Male witch searching for male or female prey!

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Male witch searching for male or female prey!

Postby Mirukani » Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:40 pm

EDIT 7/7/10:

I've been particularly fond of wanting to use my character Corbin lately. The poor witch needs a chance to do some really evil things. He's not too picky on his prey, although he does prefer other humanoids over anything else. He's a cruel predator, as I do love, and he probably won't take too kindly to very willing prey.

Age-wise, Corbin is 24. He's not at all picky on the age of his prey. I'm also willing to do sexual scenes with him, and try out some cockvore as pred, too. Softvore would be micro-only, and heck, I'm willing to do a bit of hardvore with him too. I'm also always up for some Vampiric vore, so if you're interested in that, don't hesitate to send a PM!


Male preds
Vampiric vore
Cruel preds
Unwilling prey

Human and humanoid characters (Nagas, catgirls/catboys, etc...)
Soft vore
Blood (Preferably in realistic amounts and not cartoonish gushing)
Male prey
Some size difference
Cockvore (Preferably as prey)

Willing to work with:
Furry characters
Feral characters
Willing prey
Female prey
Hard vore
Regenerating/unkillable characters
Nonlethal vore

Female preds (more willing to work with it if I'm the pred ;) )
Anal vore
Full tour

Doctrine of Labyrinths
Devil May Cry
REPO! The Genetic Opera
X-Men (either the Evolution cartoon series or the movies)
Pokemon (iffy on this one... discussion is necessary)

PM me for information. I'm only taking private RPs at the moment, preferably over IM!

I am a literate RPer and expect my partners to be the same. Posts don't have to be pages long, but I do like a couple of full (3 sentences or more) paragraphs per post :3 If you prefer longer posts, I can usually work with what I'm given. If you give me one liners more than a couple of times, I will drop the RP. My average posting length, unless I'm given more to work with, is about a full paragraph long, sometimes two. If you can't keep up with that, please don't waste my time. I'm not exceedingly picky about spelling and grammar, but it should be readable, and punctuation is a MUST! if youre tpying loks liekthis most ofthe tiem... I will not RP with you. Sorry, but I can't enjoy myself in a RP if my partner can't at least attempt to type correctly. (If English is not your first language, I can give you a bit more leeway and am more than happy to help you learn!)

Sorry if I seem picky, but I don't want to spend ten minutes on a good, descriptive post just to get a one-sentence response that's near impossible for me to read. I've had too many of those in the past, and my bluntness here is just to weed the one-liners out. I'm not a spelling or grammar nazi (typos happen!) and I'm more than willing to talk stuff out beforehand.

Also, concerning my preferences on preds: If I'm playing as or with a human or humanoid predator, they really need to be of the type that I, personally, am attracted to. I'm a bisexual female that heavily leans towards guys, so my preference for male preds ought to be clear. HOWEVER, female preds aren't out of the question entirely, I'm just... excessively picky on them. As you can probably tell from my above preferences, I prefer cruel or indifferent predators, and this extends to females. I want confident women with a mature personality and at least a slight lean towards a mean streak. I really, really, really dislike the "innocent female predator" character type, and will outright refuse to play with one because it ruins all fun I get out of a vore RP.

I DO TAKE NON-VORE RP REQUESTS! :D I'll go ahead and list some of what I'm interested in.

Non-con (rape)
Dubcon (Dubious Consent)
Dark themes
Anything fantasy-based. I have craptons of mage characters.

For my non-vore RPs, I'd prefer some discussion beforehand. My RPing standards aren't any lower for these just because I'm not playing the role of pred or prey (well, maybe except for when vampires are involved), so don't expect to be able to get away with more. I'm also less open to scenarios involving things that aren't on my list, but if you've got at least one element, I'm more willing to listen to the idea.
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