Male seeking F or M limitless mutual pred partner

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Male seeking F or M limitless mutual pred partner

Postby PootisBear » Tue May 17, 2022 9:24 am

(For an even more extensive list of my kinks and preferences, see my Cloud profile on F-list: )

Hi all! I've recently been experiencing a desire to explore a particularly rare niche within this community, mutual preds. I'm after scenarios in which both our characters are active predators who mutually devour prey together. This sort of setup doesn't necessarily mean that the two preds can't be eaten themselves, but I would definitely like to focus a significant chunk of any scenario to the preds being in collusion with each other and sadistically revelling in the consumption and digestion of their living meals as unchallenged apex predators~ M/F would be my preferred pairing for a scenario of this sort but I'm completely open to any other gender pairing!

I generally tend to prefer PM's or forum roleplay over instant messaging sites but I do have and use a discord account if anybody prefers to talk or conduct roleplays over there.

Spoiler: show
-Males (With male preds I prefer prey to be female, M/M is on a case by case basis. Ask me about it.)
-Oral vore
-Human preds/prey
-Hyper sized pred or prey
-Gods and Goddesses
-Extreme sadism/hedonism
-Specisim/race superiority
-Alien preds
-Canon worlds and characters
-Soft vore
-Same size
-Prey that are larger than the pred.
-Slob elements and musk
-Digestion and fatal vore
-Post digestion weight gain and fat characters (anything from BBW all the way up to hyper-fat and immobility, absolute favourite kink so feel free to go nuts with this one!)
-Hyper muscles and muscle growth
-Transformation (Any kind but inanimate object is my fave)
-Scat/disposal (and other misc toilet stuff, i.e. farts/gas)
-Underage characters
-Hyper-sized genitalia
-BDSM (And pretty much anything that falls under this umbrella, bondage etc)
-Tail vore
-Mass vore
-Planet/cosmic scale vore
-Mini-giantesses/size difference
-Slime/goo characters
-Inflation (liquid, air etc)
-Fatal inflation
-Literally anything that plays off a fat/chubby character's weight
-Lip expansion
-Hard vore
-Cock sheaths

Spoiler: show
-Anal vore
-IRL people/celebrities
-Breast vore
-Cock vore
-Macro/micro (I usually prefer mass vore for micros)
-Feral preds
-Monster/demihuman preds
-Non-human predators (Anthros, aliens etc)

Spoiler: show
-Non-fatal vore (Not preferred but tolerated)

Franchises that I'd be interested in for canon play:
Spoiler: show
-Steven Universe***
-She-ra and the princesses of power***
-Final Fantasy series*** (Specifically VII, VIII, IX & X)
-Gundam*** (UC timeline only)
-The Spectacular Spider-man**
-Voltron: Legendary Defender**
-Yu Yu Hakusho**
-League of Legends*
-The Legend of Zelda* (Ocarina of time, LTP/LBW)
-Super Smash Brothers*
-Ace Attorney *
-JoJo's Bizzare Adventure *
-Stardew Valley *
-HuniePop *
-Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid *
-Monster Prom *
-My hero academia * (only caught up with where the anime currently is, not the manga)
-Doki Doki Literature club *
-VA-11 Hall A *
-House Party*
-Attack on Titan
-Clone High
-Bojack Horseman
-One punch Man
-Cowboy Bebop
-Close Enough
-Adventure Time
-Teen Titans
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Star Wars
-Chrono Trigger
-Crypt of the necrodancer
-Phantasy Star I/II

This list is not definitive, feel free to ask about any that aren't on here. Canon play is not mandatory with me either so don't be intimidated by the long list, I'm equally as interested in doing RP's with OC's or characters created for a specific scenario!

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