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Second story.

Posted by Estee 10 years ago


My first vore story has been a success and now I'm working on a second one. The next will be an original story, featuring a python named Saria and a horse named Katia. This one will actually be pretty romantic. This story will also be a test for myself. Taking existing characters is pretty easy compared to making up your own, I hope I can make both of them relatable and interesting.

If my storytelling abilities grow I might try my hand at a bigger project, featuring an original world and multiple chapters. The rough draft so far:
-A land within a "cauldron" of mountains and several biomes pretty close together that are home of different anthro tribes.
-The cities are pretty much at the borders of that cauldron and due to the different biomes they are pretty much dependant on trading with the other tribes.
-Trading is dangerous since the rest of the land is inhabited by carnivorous creatures and plants, it gets worse the closer you get to the mountain in the middle, said mountain is surrounded by a jungle.
-The mages of each tribe come up with a portal spell that would connect their cities and allow for safe travel, problem is that the spell needs a focal point where they meet, the meeting point is the peak of the mountain.
-Each tribe sends their best warriors to bring the focal crystal to the peak of the mountain but to do so they will have to travel through the predator infested lands.

I admit that this story is pretty much an excuse to write as many different vore scenes as possible but I'll try to make it interesting. But for now a romantic tale between a python and a horse.
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