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Leapocalypse Fixed

Posted by Leshana 8 years ago


Leapocalypse is fixed on all servers. You can return to work.

I was actually working on installing the system on the new server while this happened. It was a big surprise to find that an issue which happened on starfire could be reproducible on the new system. Rebooting fixed, but that it was actually caused by the leap second insertion?
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Posted by FlaxenSoftcloth 8 years ago Report

I totes read that title wrong, thinking it said "Leopocalypse" dealing with leopards, or something. Even though its obvious geese did it.

Glad things are up and running!

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Posted by MementoMori 7 years ago Report

Thanks for everything you do Leshana! The new layout looks great! :) Keep up the excellent work, you're very appreciated!

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Posted by NovaAftershock 6 years ago Report

Link play site please.

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Posted by HMDVore 3 years ago Report


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