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Vore Games in RL-Con

Posted by talonsaurn 8 years ago


Well had been thinking, a dangerous hobby I know, but after my last year at AC I think i've come across a fun little game/scavenger hunt that does not dwell into the realm of creepy much at all. If folks can somehow see this as worse than PG, please tell me because I can't. Its mainly been an intellectual exercise that might help folks recognize eachother on first times as well..

Pred/prey games at cons-- in the con themselves. Wearing a specific badge makes you part of the game(You are what I eat) for pred, (Eat me) for prey, (Eat or be eaten) for pred/preys.
The game commences and as folks walk around if a predator sees a prey they tap that player on the shoulder show there badge and just take em aside and say how there gobbling em up, playfully taunting them, perhaps taking the badge(easiest if personalized in some ways to show who it was), or just making a mark that they scored(a hole puncher might work nicely). Taking the badge has the negative effect of taking someone outa the pool for a bit though.A better solution might be just to take photos of the badges snarfed for evidence of your catch..hmm

Folks are ONLY in game when wearing the badge... So if someone wants peace and quiet just take off that eat me badge and your safe..its rude to put on/ take off and then pounce..Though scorekeeping can be done for a tally there are no prizes for winning, and certainly no rewards for being a dick about it all.. its all for fun.

I'll be making up the badges for the most part, simple design, pretty easy to recognize I should think, those of you who'd like to play the game early send me a mail or FA/EKa message, can probably personalize your chosen badge with your name, nothing fancy but a nice little touch I can do. Will likely have a half dozen of each sorta generic badge with me to hand out to players

Will post a picture of the various badges later, still working on a eat or be eaten style one

Of course, being half a year away I don't know if i'll end up doing this but seems like a fun little diversion for those of us who like to dine on our fellow man.. or woman.. or fish.
Comments? Improvements? Ideas? A Pulse?
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Posted by Bright 8 years ago Report

Sounds like fun really.

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