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Alignments of (some of) my predators.

Posted by Strega 7 years ago


Alignment scale of my preds with some examples. This is based on the rather poor D&D alignment system, because I am most familiar with it. Now expanded to include Law/Chaos.

“Good” Good alignments are rare among my preds since few of then can reform their prey. They won't eat you unless you deserve it, in their opinion, or unless they are absolutely desperate. Others are less picky but wouldn't eat you unless they could reform you. The ones that can't reform you probably wouldn't eat you even if you stuck your head in their mouth if they don't think you deserve it. Even if you convinced them you could reform the odds are not good, since they would perceive it as a questionable act.


Lawful Good:
-- The Gold Dragon (very “good”, but possessed of a black and white morality, which means he eats “evil” creatures without a qualm.)
-- The Couatl from The Couatl's Tower (eats evil people only. Really just wants to be left alone to guard the tower, but evil people who break in tend to end up as bulges. Couatls have to eat occasionally, after all.)

Neutral Good:
-- Strega (really likes to eat people but reforms them. Close to Neutral, but surprisingly benevolent despite her habits.)

Chaotic Good:
-- Hialfi (eats evil humanoids or bandits because he can't scrounge up enough food to feed himself otherwise. Other than that, a nice guy who wouldn't think of hurting people if not attacked. He has eaten some non-Evil people, but there are extenuating circumstances.)
-- Savage the tiger (Essentially a furry Judge a la Judge Dredd, he eats people he thinks the justice system can't handle). He is closer to Neutral than one might think since he also eats rapists without even trying to turn them in, for personal reasons.)

“Neutral” – these predators don't care whether you are nice or evil, and they do need to eat, but they aren't malevolent. That doesn't mean they won't eat you, but at least they aren't sadistic about it, and some of them are perfectly safe to be around under at least some circumstances. Some, but not all, would refuse to eat you even if you asked for it. Others would enthusiastically take you up on the offer, and if you changed your mind on the way down it'd just be too bad.

Lawful Neutral:
-- Smokey the Bear and Santa Binky (Completely willing to eat you if they consider you “naughty” enough. Otherwise perfectly safe to be around.)

-- Eblis (not quite all there upstairs)
-- The sphinx (Is supposed to be Lawful Neutral, but he's deviated from his “Kill everyone who enters the room” command so be can bang people to alleviate the tedium of his long guardianship)
-- The polar bears from my Alyeska setting (The Great Mother, etc). They are predators who will eat anyone, but they are not evil, and with respect to the local Inuit/Eskimos they largely adhere to a peace treaty.
-- Ria. She is compelled by her very nature (half demon) to eat people, but she at least tries to avoid eating outright innocents like children.
-- Fastpaw. He used to be Neutral Evil, but marriage has mellowed him. He still eats the occasional person who annoys him or his wife. (Kender still get a trip through his digestive system if he can manage it.)

Chaotic Neutral:
-- Renaud the Fox from the Run series (barely this side of Evil, but occasionally trustworthy.)

“Eeeevil” -- These preds are outright malevolent. Maybe they hate humans (or whatever), or maybe they are driven by instinct to eat people but also rather like the way people wiggle on the way down. Some are outright sadistic and will go out of their way to make their prey suffer, or they are habitual rapists. The female preds here often use sex as a lure to get a meal.

Lawful Evil:
-- Lord Vrassry of the gul. He is a racial bigot who thinks gul should not mate with other species, but he is unfailingly loyal to his Maker and won't eat people without a darn good reason.
-- Ripper the wolverine. Despite his incredibly vile habits, he can be relied upon to not eat people under certain circumstances, and has a few lovers he dotes upon.

Neutral Evil:
-- Uvuzi and Nyoka (can be trusted only to wonder what shape bulge you would make)
-- Striper and Sandra (husband and wife serial killer skunks. Between them they've eaten at least a hundred people and go to maniacal lengths to make sure they leave as little evidence as possible.)
-- Pamiuq the sea otter and his mate Qilal the dolphintaur (They are outcasts from their respective people, and not for romantic “Romeo and Juliet” reasons. As a result they happily trap and eat their own kind, with each tending to favor the others' species as food. Pamiuq also rapes his prizes, sometimes to death.)
-- Bearkiller the wolverine. While you would have trouble telling him from Ripper if they were side by side, there are subtle differences. Bearkiller can also be trusted under certain circumstances, but this is mainly because he fears punishment from his keepers.
-- The swamp otters from my D&D setting (they are slavers and predators, but their half-breed offspring such as Breeze the otter are not necessarily evil).
-- The “MILF Cougar” (Patty). While she does occasionally feel guilty about it, the blunt fact is she uses online chat sites to get people to meet her in private, and usually (but not always) eats them.

Chaotic Evil:
-- Kurula the macro gul (not only on a power trip due to being a macro, but outright sadistic. Tends to use prey as sex toys before eating them.)
-- Zane the Mink (once Neutral, but something snapped at some point. Psychotic and EVIL. Even his keepers don't trust him, and with good reason. He absolutely hates people and though he could swallow a small human whole, he usually tears them to bits instead.)

Races: Gul, praka and volpa foxpeople are typically Neutral. Gul are usually Lawful Neutral when in the service of the Maker, Praka are Neutral with Good tendencies on the average, and Volpa foxpeople tend toward Neutral Good as well. The extremely poor behaviour observed in gul in my drawings and writings is a case of them having the world's worst press agent. 83

Khardaki lion people are usually Chaotic Good. (They are rarely swallow-whole predators, but there are a few.)

Mwee beartaurs are Chaotic Neutral. They really, really like sex and eating people, but they do usually reform people. They fall under Neutral because they will eat unwilling prey or stage elaborate ruses in which they Clone people and then eat the clones, so that they can gorge themselves without leaving any evidence.
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Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Who did Fastpaw marry?

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Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

"Bright" wrote:
Who did Fastpaw marry?

That would be telling. 83 Seriously though, if you have read his stories, a certain alternate ending is actually the canonical one and led to marriage.

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Posted by Rhysion 7 years ago Report

That's a pretty neat look at some of those characters and races. Most of them I was pretty close on.

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Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 7 years ago Report

ahhhhh ripper

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Posted by Terrafox 7 years ago Report

I wish you would put some links to their names, sense I have no idea who some of these people are.

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Posted by Strega 7 years ago Report

"Terrafox" wrote:
I wish you would put some links to their names, sense I have no idea who some of these people are.

Which ones in particular? I can link you to examples if you'll let me know.

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Posted by voreluver 6 years ago Report

Are Uvuzi and Nyoka only so far down on the "Evil Scale" because they got so little love from Walaji or is Walaji down there too and they are just there due to heredity, or, even worse, choice?

Also, Nyoka seems more "evil" than Uvuzi.

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Posted by Strega 6 years ago Report

"voreluver" wrote:
Are Uvuzi and Nyoka only so far down on the "Evil Scale" because they got so little love from Walaji or is Walaji down there too and they are just there due to heredity, or, even worse, choice?

Also, Nyoka seems more "evil" than Uvuzi.

It's something of all three. Probably the largest factor is an innate compulsion to eat people, native to this flavor of lamia. Nyoka is the nastier, but they are both dangerous and predatory..

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