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update and overdue happy new year.

Posted by C-B-A 9 years ago


hello all

first off happy overdue new year! hope your 2014 has been going good, remember next year is the year Marty and Doc go to in Back to the Future part II :D

anyway on to the topic at hand, art.

sorry I haven't updated a vore pic in a while, i've been putting a lot of work into my manga series and making it presentable or publication, in doing so I have improved a ton and I will put my improved illustration skills to work on vore!

don't know how much and how soon, I have a lot of work to do seeing that this is my only job...but I will start writing the format for my second vore manga as well as work on giant girls eating people for your enjoyment ^^

lastly, my computer is under the a tad ill, by that I mean the charging port and charger where destroyed in a fall, soooo i'm on my net book currently which makes some of this stuff difficult, I will send it away to get fixed when I get $300 together to cover the repairs, shipping and new charger.

i'll keep you posted on that as it happens.

anyway that's all for now, any questions, comments, leve then in the comments below and I will answer. honestly any question you can think of I will try to answer XD.
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