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Esthe Hunter Update

Posted by KuroWazaRMX 6 years ago


Hey, I know it's been a while, but here's an update to my Game Esthe Hunter if anyone is interested.

WARNING: DO NOT USE PREVIOUS VERSION SAVE DATA. Using previous version save data WILL cause the game to function incorrectly. You will have to start a new game.

-Secret Squirel added ( A rat located in the Tsunado woods who will reveal secrets at random for a price)

-Talu Ashiatsu added (Part of the final mission)

-Good ending added (If you can make it to the end with enough money)
-Gag ending added (If you can make it to the end with NOT enough money but fulfill the requirement. Because of testing purposes, that requirement cannot be revealed now)
-Normal ending added (Even if you beat the game, you can still have a nice ending)
-Webbed Game Over scene added (a special game over graphic if Chie is defeated by silkwurms or Gumohs)
-Empress' Slingsuit sprite added( Chie can go outside and play wearing the most revealing outfit avalable in the game, A velvet wing will give you a hint on how to get it.)
-Branching paths added (Grinding not your thing? Well you can bypass one of the quests if you fulfill the requirements (A velvet wing will give you a hint))
-FINAL BOSSFIGHT will only occur if Chie is strong enough. Can you beat the final boss???
-HELL MODE (An extra Meta game where everything is 10x more expensive, including the money it will take to get a normal ending. completeing this mode will earn you a nekkid pic of Chie in the game)

Again, I wish to test the player's ability to be able to find thing and figure things out. I have placed some things in the game to try to take the edge off the difficulty as well as a little of the guesswork involved. Anything which is vital to the game's progression is there. All extra things, you're on your own to find.....

If there are any bugs in the game PLEASE let me know. I've tried my best to make sure that this version won't need a bug fix patch.. ... r-you.html
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