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News. (Finally !) (ikr)

Posted by Debolte 7 years ago


Hey there my kinky fellas,
Sorry for the absence of updates or news whatsoever in the past... few... months ?!.. I've been through a hard semester at school and I've been in some kind of a rush for that whole time until... now ! Yep, school's out for summer. I'll tell you, this no-kinky-work period of time certainly wasn't because I didn't want to. Was the total opposite, really, I would've killed to get some sweet, relaxing time drawing... porn. yeah.

But nope, I thought I'd better concentrate my creative energies on something actually due. You know. But anyway, just sending this little info popup to let you know that I can finally CONTEMPLATE the possibility of working on new content here. I'll have a summer job in a few weeks, but it'll be nothing like that school I just had. Anyweis, see you around here, peoples. c:

(note that I am currently insanely tired, having gone through 34 hours straight of hard work, so excuse my writings c: )
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Posted by Paraffine 7 years ago Report

34 hours straight? O_o Yes, get some rest and relax...

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Posted by Bright 7 years ago Report

Take care of yourself so you don't burn out.

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