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This time for realsies - commission stream saturday

Posted by MaxTwenty 6 years ago


Apologies again to anyone who missed out on anything due to last week's being canceled. And further apologies that two streams this week aren't in the cards like I'd hoped.

Copypasta! \o/

Stream link: http://www.livestream.com/maxtwentystreaming

To commission, send a note here and make me aware of it in the Livestream chat or by any communication method you prefer that will ping me. Alternately, if you have such a method of communication you can just use that.

Provisional pricing, good for this stream only:

- Sketches, $10 per character, $5 per additional
- Inks, add $5 per character
- Lazy (brushstrokes evident) or flat colors, add $5 per character. Lazy colors do not need to be paired with inks, but flat... reaaaally should be.
- Full power colors, add $10 per character. I must insist these are paired with inks for now. My definition of full power for the purposes of this stream is saturated, minimal but as effective as I can manage shading with highlights, cleaned up but not necessarily done in the 8-hour 'looks good, now for 6 hours of polish' style.

Backgrounds: Sketch $5, ink $7.50, color $10.
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