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Opening up for story commissions.

Posted by iseeyouthere 8 years ago


Time to start an offer.
I'm opening up for any story commissions people may want to purchase, be it anything from a profile description, roleplay setting or a story to put to a picture you may have.
For some examples of my writing:
Also, check some of the pictures he has posted. Some have a story attached to them

What I will do:
Soft vore
Hard vore
Unusual vore
Soul vore
Sex/adult themes
Oral, Unbirth, Anal, breast vore

What I won't do:
Digestion that goes beyond the stomach (into the intestines sort of thing)
Extreme hyper parts

Anything else... feel free to ask. I am generally capable of doing most things you maybe looking for.

My prices start at 3.50 Australian dollars a page.
Send me a message if you are interested.

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