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His And Only His

Posted by MicroNekoGirlPur 5 years ago


She cried out, pleading for her Master to stop. But of course he just continued, just like he did every day with his little doll.... That was all she was to him, a doll, and plaything. His little toy, to do with as he pleased. And he did everything he wanted to her.... Every day it was the same. There was no way for her to fight, no way to stand up to him. When she tried to stand up to him, she didn't even come up to his shin! It was impossible to fight a man when he was so much larger than her... She panted heavily as she twisted and writhed in his tight hold, making him smirk as he brought her closer for their daily game.

"Come now, dear," he said in a smooth, irritating voice. "You know how it goes... It's that time of day again, so let's make it fun...." His grin widened as he brought her closer, his hand wrapped around her small but voluptuous body, his thumb under her chest, elevating her already large breasts. His lips parted and slowly closed around one of the small, soft mounds, moans of pleasure coming from him as he started the game. His tongue flicked her breast, teasing her even more so. He felt the nipple go hard and erect, making him smile and he continued to suck and squeeze her succulent breast. Oh, god.... She was always so good... And it was even better when she struggled and squirmed, though she knew there was no point. She belonged to him, and she would do as he said. Much as she hated it, she knew better than to ever refuse or deny him what was rightfully his.

He scraped his teeth along her breast, switching between the two before pulling away for a moment to catch his breath and smile at her, a deep, hungry look in his eyes. She knew that look well, and it was not a good one. He shifted his grip on her and pinched her sides so that her legs were free. She knew what was coming next...

saliva covered her chest, mixing with her sweat as she continued to breath heavily from what he was doing to her. He tilted her back a bit and brought her close, chuckling as she tried to vainly kick and struggle. With his other hand he gripped her legs a bit, careful not to hurt her too much, didn't want that yet, and waited until she eventually stopped before letting her go and bringing her up to his mouth again.

He opened it wider this time, giving her full view of his cavernous like mouth as he brought her legs in. Her taste exploded onto his tongue as soon as her shapely legs touched it, and he absolutely groaned in pleasure as he suckled and savored her. Oh.... Oh...! She was so good! As many times as he had tasted her, he never grew tired of it. He worked at her for a few minutes, groaning and grunting as he did before making her spread her legs wide. Now came the fun part... He lapped at her sex, loving how it made her squirm and struggle pleasantly. He prodded at her a bit, making sure to keep his lips firmly around her abdomen to keep her from moving around too much. He pressed the tip against her, loving that she was already wet from his playing with her. She may have hated it, but her body definitely said otherwise. He pressed in more, not enough to hurt or damage her, but just enough so that he could slip inside of her to really excite himself and her.

He kept at this for a little while, moaning rather loudly, almost drowning out her cries of pain and pleasure. With her being held firmly in place by his mouth, his hands were free to roam over her upper body. He fondled her breasts, alternating between rubbing them and squeezing them, getting her to squeal pleasingly. He gave a quick squeeze with his lips, getting her to jerk and try to get him to stop. He continued to suck at her, the feeling of her in his mouth like this, completely his and in the perfect position to be swallowed made him go hard, just like it always did, and he knew that it would soon by time for the next stage of their little game. He finished teasing her, knowing from experience that she was reaching her climax, though he was just getting started.

He carefully wrapped his hand around her upper body again, this time making sure not to pin her arms to her side. She would need them.... He pulled her out slowly, still sucking on her legs as he slid her out. He lapped at her tiny feet, making her kick a bit at the ticklish feeling. He smiled as he looked at her, covered in saliva and blushing heavily from the excitement. He brought her close again and kissed the side of her face, being almost tender for a moment before lowering her down to his lap. Naturally he wasn't wearing anything, he never did when they played, clothes just inhibited him, and her as well. He set her down on top of him, smiling smugly as he pulled his hand away and leaned back a bit to make it easier. She knew what to do, and she knew not to delay or try anything when she was like this. He was already hard from having her in his mouth, so he was all primed and ready to go.
Oh, she knew what to do, but she always hated this part the most. But it was always the same... She had to do what she was told, and no matter what, she had to do what he wanted. She swallowed back tears and bent forward, practically lowering herself onto him to start. She reached forward, pressing her slim hands against him to start with. She knew by now how he liked her to please him....

He tilted his head back and let out a loud moan of pleasure, ordering her to continue, knowing she would anyway.

She did, harder this time and covering more flesh. She shifted, making her quiver as she settled onto him, her legs on either side for a better hold as she continued.

Oh.... God.... Oh god..! Damn, that felt good! He grunted and wrapped his hands around her, holding her to him as he began thrusting, grunting loudly as he did, feeling himself reaching his peak already. He shifted his hold and pressed her against his length, her face right at the tip. He pressed down and started pushing her back and forth, the feeling of her rubbing against him almost too much to bear. This was always his favorite part.... Using her to do this was the absolute best thing. He stopped after a few minutes, smiling smugly as her wrapped his hands around her, squeezing briefly and making her wince. He roughly fondled and felt her, his eyes dark and hungry as he did. This was where she belonged, this was what she should be doing. She belonged to him, and he would never let her go. He rubbed her against him again before lifting her off and holding her just inches away from his head.

He smirked as he brought her right next to it, brushing her face against it, making her turn away in disgust. But She knew what he wanted her to do, and if she didn't, he'd just make her either way. So she did, she leaned forward and kissed it, keeping her mouth shut tightly. Normally, he was content with her just kidding it, but not today. He gave her a squeeze, making her open her mouth to protest. But before she could, he pressed her open mouth against him, practically grinding her against him to get her to do what he wanted. She struggled, muffled pleading coming from her as she tried to get him to stop. Knowing that she got his point, he stopped, but kept her right next to it. She knew what he wanted, and she had better get started. She opened her mouth, a soft, sad sigh escaping her little round lips as she did what he wanted. She started licking, nearly throwing up at the act. But she continued, opening her mouth as wide as she could, nearly gagging as he pressed his head to her lips, forcing himself in as far as he could go. It wasn't much, really only the tip fit in, but it was enough. He cried out, Thrusting a bit, making her cry tears of pain as he did. It hurt... She was too small for this... He knew that....

She pushed away, coughing and nearly crying from it. She struggled to breath, and for a second he actually felt a little guilty. He had gotten carried away... She was really too small to do certain things.... Oh well, once this was done, he'd make it up by doing something. After their games, he was usually much better tempered, and a lot gentler with her. He couldn't be rough all the time, after all, he might actually hurt her. He moved her away a bit, then moved her on top of him again to continue, albeit a little less roughly this time. He was almost at the climax, and this was the part he loved the most. As she continued, he felt himself coming, and just before he did he grabbed her and held her in front of him, covering her with his cum, just like he always did. He sighed in pleasure and leaned back, satisfied for today. He smirked and brought her close to him, holding her against his bare, fit abdomen and relaxing. He'd clean himself and her in a little bit, then maybe fix something to eat and rest a bit. He knew she was exhausted by now...

She was nearly gagging now, hating this part more than anything. But she was used to how it always ended.... It was disgusting, but it could have been worse.... She coughed again as she wiped her face up, shivering a bit as she reluctantly settled against him, still dripping in sweat, saliva, and cum. She folded her arms close, covering her breasts as he pet her, not having to look up to know he was looking smug right now. No words were exchanged, they rarely were after all. He didn't really like her speaking up much, and he rarely bothered to tell her anything, just making her do it or showing her. But that was when it was something she knew to do.

Why bother wasting words? She barely bothered to listen to him anyway. He smiled as he continued to stroke her, not caring about how filthy she was right now. To him, it just showed his ownership of her. He scooped her up and started heading to the bathroom, deciding to go ahead and get cleaned up. He ran a hand through his dark hair, wondering whether he should get a shower or bath. Either way, she'd be joining him. Maybe just a bath... It would be nice to have a nice hot relaxing one. He shifted his hold on her and brought her close as he stepped into the bathroom, grabbing a towel from the shelf and a washcloth and setting them, along with her, on a small table nearby. He filled the tub, adding plenty of fragrance and bubbles, since it was something he knew she liked, and it made her smell a lot better. He grabbed her and the washcloth and slipped in, sighing and relaxing as he adjusted to the hot water. Oh, that was nice.... He let her go, leaning back and closing his eyes for a minute to completely relax. She could swim fine, and the water would help her relax after a long game.

She had to admit, the warm water did feel nice.... She just wished it didn't have to be shared with him. When his eyes were closed she sent him a glare, hating the smug, self centered bastard. She turned away, swimming towards the edge of the tub. She cleaned off, sneezing briefly from the bubbles tickling her nose. She sighed and tried to just relax, trying to forget about what she had just done. At least it was over with for today....

She finished cleaning off every inch of herself, still feeling dirty though. She didn't fight him when he picked her up though and set her down on his chest, smirking as he leaned back again and relaxed. Even in the bath, he liked her close.

After a while, once the water had cooled off and the bubbles had popped, he climbed out, wrapping the tail around his waist after he had dried her and himself off. He wrapped a dry washcloth around her to stop her shivering and scooped her up again, carrying her back into the bedroom. He actually bothered to put on clothes this time, albeit just a pair of loose, comfortable pants.

He settled onto the bed, leaning back against the plus pillows as she slipped on a little black slip. He smirked again, though this one held a bit more fondness as he gathered her up and brought her close again, stroking his large, but careful fingers down her pleasing body. He fiddled with her breast, but it wasn't really like before. More like a tease. He stroked her abdomen, tickling at her a bit and getting her to wriggle a bit to make him stop. His deep chuckle shook her a bit, making her just frown and become still so that he'd leave her alone for a little bit.

He granted her wish, partly anyway. He laid down on the bed and moved her down lower, practically right on top of his crouch. But after he did, he just kept still and left her alone. He smirked and folded his arms under his head, closing his eyes and humming a bit as he felt the pleasure of her slight weight on him, especially when only thin cloth separated them.

She kept very still, knowing that the more she moved, the more pleasure he got. When his breathing slowed and it looked like he was asleep though, she quickly but carefully moved, trying not to touch him too much as she moved to the edge of his thigh and slid down onto the mattress. She sighed and collapsed, trying to relax into the thick duvet and forget about everything around her.

Naturally, when she moved, he felt it and woke up, and normally he would just put her back again, maybe even in his pants, but this time he just let her move. He smiled breathily and shifted a bit, wrapping his hand around her and bringing her up closer to his chest. She stiffened, thinking he was going to put her back, but when he didn't she just settled back down onto the duvet. She laid her head in her hands and tried to relax, even when he partially covered her with his hand. This time though it wasn't just to pick her up or anything, it was mostly just to keep her there and keep her warm. He could be kind when he wanted to, at least to some degree. He smiled again and laid back down, pleased with his little girl for today.
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Posted by MicroNekoGirlPur 5 years ago Report

I wrote this and submitted it to another site nearly a year ago, this one of my few writings that will probably be on this site due to the fact that the rest either are not explicit, or do not contain vore. some do contain it, but only in soft forms and non explicit. enjoy everyone, and, like I said, this is old. please be kind.

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Posted by GTSdev 5 years ago Report

Oh my goodness hun, that was an epic reading~ very well done and riiight in the sexual sense of my kink~ you just got a watch~

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Posted by MicroNekoGirlPur 5 years ago Report

thanks, and, can you tell me how I can upload it so that it's part of my gallery instead of a blog post? I think it would get more views if I could do that, but I couldn't figure it out. I'm still kind of new to this site.

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