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Posted by Shadowsharpedo 5 years ago


So, yesterday we went to go get the stuff from our storage unit. It was a public one, but we had locks on ours. Upon getting there and opening up the storage units, we found that all three had previously been opened, all the boxes were opened with what seemed to be box cutters, and some stuff was stolen, of course the most important stuff. There was broken glass everywhere from our picture frames being broken, smashed boxes because they stepped on the boxes to reach other ones and cut those open, and missing items. Of most importance, my gamecube, all of my 90+ games for all consoles I have (except the 3ds games because I had those with me), 2 wiis, and my main computer. My chromebook also got fried from a sudden glass of water thrown by my sister. So now I only have sparring access to any computer to upload stuff to, so it's going to be a while before I next post anything.
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Posted by Peterdens 5 years ago Report

That sucks hope those asshole get caught!

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