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Commission Rush - February-March

Posted by MaxTwenty 5 years ago


Right, so. I'm going to keep the reasoning for this brief. Tax season, a move, and an erratic income/expense schedule at the moment have greatly increased my need for a financial buffer, and fortunately my muse is beginning to kindle and will probably come aflame pretty quicklike. So although I'm basically always open for commissions, right now I'm making an advertisement stating that yes, I am in fact open for commissions.

Also, for the sake of showing the turnaround time that can be expected, I'm actually going to track commission slots and progress this time. So that I don't zealously overextend myself and crash, we'll limit the number of slots to five, but as soon as one slot is completed it's considered open again. To respect privacy, I'm not going to post names in the list; just the commission type. SO.

Prices, contact methods, and current slots/status can be found here: http://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissio ... =MaxTwenty
The ideal first communication is by site PM, but as long as you give some indication of who you are, messengers above are acceptable as well. Also note that although I call it a Rush, this does not mean I'll be doing a rush job; just that I'll be focused on delivering in a reasonable timeframe, which for me is usually no more than one non-jobby-job-occupied day.

Feel free to ask questions here, by the way. Right down v theeeeere v
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Posted by darc22005 4 years ago Report

Heres hoping you still upload artwork

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