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News u might like !

Posted by Avezola 6 years ago


Hi there!
Sooo its been a while since i uploaded artwork and Here is the reason: Learner ( Here you can find more awesome stuff !!! ) and i are writing and drawing together on a comlex and lovely vore-story of my new eight-legged monster ( )
The Story has some Special sidekicks and differs from your all day vore-Story! You will get to know soon enough!
We are Planning to make weekly updates--- One picture and the Fitting Part of the story to it!
Since learner is an absolutly wonderfull writer everything written is very detailed and delicious.
So far i can spoil you a bit ^_^ u will get to know the creatures name and why he i s called that way.... Ofc lots of vore and pure gluttony, a little of romance, hate and pleasure. And a unusual Plot! Softvore swallowing and digestion!
You should read it! XD i cant wait to present you the First part and i hope we get you addicted ;) hihi (i cant wait to read what learner is writing either xD )

Have a nice Day! And for questions comment below :)
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Posted by eatmeplease 6 years ago Report

I'd be happy to read it! Got a link to Learner?

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