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10/31/2015 - Derailed Ambitions

Posted by Slimeman64 4 years ago


First off, Happy Halloween everyone. Sorry that this month was just a MASSIVE failure, but I guess it's time to address this.

As you know, at the beginning of the month, I wanted to do drawings of monster girls in vore situations. As you can probably guess, that didn't happen. I mean, I had planned out a schedule for getting drawing and posting, I knew there was a possibility of work increasing at my job, so I planned around that. Heck, I even decided to do an art trade with  Suibelly just as a bonus. So where did it all fuck up?

Well, my actual job is run by a bunch of ASSHATS, that where I fucked up.

So remember when I said that I planned on my job increasing the work load for the holidays? Well, that plan was not only based around how the job arranged the work load last year, but it was planned around the assumption that the guys I was working for were still decent human beings with souls. These new guys in charge of my job, do not fall under that description. Now normally, I'm not one to shy away from extra work and all, but come the fuck on, +12 hour work shifts for 5 days straight (and maybe a 6th day somewhere) is a sign of immoral management that really doesn't care about the health of it's employees. I don't blame my general manager, as he can be a cool guy, but some of the guys above him just come off as soulless calculators.

Sorry, I'm stopping the rant here. This is about me and having to do all the apologizing.

I dropped the ball on all the people watching this gallery, and I especially dropped the ball for you  Suibelly. I'm going to get what we agreed on finished, but it's not going to be on time. I'm sorry that noting really came out of this month from me and I hope to make it up to yal'. But right now, I'm kinda' hurting all over in my bones right now.

I hope the month was good to all of you and you have a Happy Halloween.
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Posted by Suibelly 4 years ago Report

I can understand completely, so don't feel pressured into doing any of that drawing work. Right now I barely have the time and energy to finish my commissions let alone complete this trade anyways. Just don't worry about that and I hope things work out for you!

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Posted by Brains2 4 years ago Report

Take care of yourself. I might commission you, donate, etc... not sure if you're accepting that support or anything else (if you said so elsewhere, I've missed it).

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Posted by Bright 4 years ago Report

Ah, the old assumption that people in management are actual humans with souls and not soulless reptilian creatures.

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Posted by Tassie 4 years ago Report

You draw beautiful big women and your art is so beautiful, I really like how you draw because it's so fun to watch. Sorry to hear your work is so bad right now. Work is getting worse everywhere, seems like. Companies are evil and will use you and throw you away faster than a machine. I hope you feel better soon.

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