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Leaving Ekas - Will be Clearing out Gallery

Posted by Stabbings 4 years ago


Since vore has never been a fetish for me I've decided to stop drawing it altogether. It was originally fun to work with but now I have lost all interest with it.

In a few days I will be going through and clearing out all of my submissions here, and then this account will become inactive.

If you wish to follow my normal non-vore works, you can keep up with me at my FurAffinity:

Just throwing up a heads up before I go through and do all of that. If you have any commissions from me, I would suggest you save them.
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Posted by eatmeplease 4 years ago Report

See you on FA my friend! *hugs*

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Posted by JesseClark9 4 years ago Report

I see. Well it was nice to see your work here, keep enjoying what you like :)

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Posted by Bright 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the headsup.
Even though you may not find vore that interesting, I do appreciate the artwork you did.

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