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Sudden need to socialize a little!

Posted by razor231 5 years ago


Hey there!
I haven't had much free time lately, due to finding a job and working rather crappy shifts (6am-14pm and sometimes overtime to 6pm) including Saturdays.
I have some free time today so I kinda wanted to socialize a little, get back into the mood to do creative stuff.
And since I haven't been hanging around Eka's much, might as well do it here!
So! If you wanna chat a little, lewd stuff or not, or maybe even RP, feel free to poke me!
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Posted by reliuskaiser 5 years ago Report

That's good to see you still have the drive to continue.

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Posted by eatmeplease 5 years ago Report

Heya! I'm on Skype if you wanna chat.

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Posted by Zeigwolf 5 years ago Report

You can yawp at me on Skype if you'd like~

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Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 5 years ago Report

im gonna send you a PM then

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Posted by barcod 5 years ago Report

I can chat if you feel like it

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Posted by thefacelessone 5 years ago Report

Glad to hear you have a job, sorry if the hours suck, but I'd be glad to chat, I miss ya man.

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Posted by Leothefox69 5 years ago Report

Message me on Skype plz razor

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Posted by thefacelessone 4 years ago Report


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