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How does me taking requests works anyways?!?

Posted by Rac0r 5 years ago


That's a good question, ME! Allow ME to explain!

Since I'm doing this whole art thingy as just for hobbies and fun, I don't wanna get too filled in with requests. Other words, too much is WAY too much! I don't wanna make this feel like work because I already have a job, don't need another one :D So if you feel like you wanna request from me, send a PM and tell me your idea. I won't promise that I will draw your idea for sure, but if I like it or feel like drawing it, then I'll save that idea and draw it at some point. At WHAT POINT, you may ask? Well.... I dunno. But if I do, I'll be in touch with you then. Simple as that ^-^

And to all of you who are asking commissions from me, don't. Like I said, this is my hobby and I want to keep it like that. Sure extra money never hurts, but my money situation is just fine at the moment. Go support them who needs dem dollars more than me.

So there you go, hopefully this clears things up a bit and all of you have a good day!! ^-^
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Posted by Themastermushroom 5 years ago Report

good day to you mate, and i send a pm to you if you can awnser^_^

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Posted by nnickerson100 5 years ago Report

what if it was payed with tf2 items or items in tera or something? that could work as a way of pay with out it feeling like your taking up a job

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Posted by Entity 5 years ago Report

I am so tempted to request lots of things now XD

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Posted by ZRex030 5 years ago Report

Would you be interested in drawing an illustration from one of my stories?

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Posted by keyblademark 5 years ago Report

Sure thing ^^

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Posted by LowProfile 5 years ago Report

your request/commission specifications say that you don't do comics, but what about successive pics to tell a bit of a story?

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Posted by Aces 5 years ago Report

Never give up your talent! I used to know a wonderful artist who just up and stopped drawing. They also became a very bitter person. :\ Needless to say I am no longer a friend of theirs.

Wasn't like I even gave them requests--ever. Artists usually hate that. They just stopped doing art even for one's self.

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Posted by Ginga 5 years ago Report

Could I suggest a bit of Ginga vore btw I love your profile of Akakabuto

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Posted by Gone 4 years ago Report

Oof. I'm really tempted to ask for a request but I'm always nervous about that sort of thing. Plus your art is so good... >~>

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