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Busy Mode

Posted by Leshana 7 years ago



I have just recently begun a new job at which I need to do quite a lot of organization to get everyone setup on the same page. It has been very busy and I've not responded to people very much. This is going to continue for at least a few more weeks before I have everything setup to be back to normal.

If I have commissioned you for something, and you're waiting for me to do something, please remind me! I probably forgot.

If you want me to commission you, please feel free to send ideas, I will still look at them, but remember I may be slow to respond for now.

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James wrote:
Floof and Ice

If you want to be in a picture, you can still feel free to submit an idea & artist, but I'll be slow at responding to those too.
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Posted by Kinne 7 years ago Report

Just hope you're doing ok :)

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Posted by ZX1993 7 years ago Report

I hope you make new friends at your new job, good luck!

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Posted by hamletvalley 7 years ago Report

Congrats on the new job!

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