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Family Planning

Posted by Westernlonestar 7 years ago

This story departs from my usual VORE premise and is more along the lines of a Dolcett Story. It is even more extremely violent and graphic then my previous tales and so you should pay extra heed to the following disclaimer. *** Warning *** this story contains Nudity, Sex, Scat, Violence and Rape and a Snuff scene. This is not a cute story for kids or for those with a weak stomach for depravity. That being said, if you still think you are up to reading this type of fiction then I present the PDF version of 'Family Planning'.

What? You're still here? Well if that didn't scare you away then 'Click on the link below' to read this story.

This story is a fictional account of a bleak time, somewhere in the near future. Economics conditions are tough and debt penalties are harsh. Add to this an exploding population growth that has gotten out of control and draconic laws passed to deal with this problem, and you have the prerequisites necessary to set up the scenario for this story. Mix in the fact that some nations have a tendency to put a lot of stock in the church, and the fact that some priests have been known to act in a less then moral manner when it comes to discharging their duties and we have the makings of a very dark story indeed.
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Posted by Random415 7 years ago Report

Like it very much!

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