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I am alive.

Posted by iasiney 14 years ago


I don't get as much snap to attention here as compared to other places. *SIGH* oh well. Now, the best thing I like that EKA has done since I've been here last is for the formatting of the text to display on the website, rather than the download.
So, anyways, thanks to all those who have even given my stories a look-see. You don't know how much I appreciate it. Don't feel shy, leave a comment and speak what you think.
Now, I must be very specific when I say that my stories aren't like pictures and aren't as good as some are out there. My stories are probably too long. This is epic vore and I don't think I've seen much of it out there. I also didn't have vore or stuffing as a main topic when I started writing the stories. I was mainly trying to delve into my own fantasies. Sooo... my depictions are mostly personally embellished. This is the reason I write for. I have written one particular story for JessKatt and The Performance is just finished a few months ago.
Hail Primus, my current one, is just about finished now. The vore grand finale is about to happen.
My vore mainstay in most of my works I like to do the most is the double dragon mass vore. There's nothing better than two mid sized or large sized dragons eating a huge bunch of goblins or some other creatures to the point that they have a large writhing mass of a belly, even for dragon-sized standards.
Enough about my dabblings into vore. I should be writing. I will say I am seriously considering an old idea called Michi Gimiguchi: Positions and Situations of Vore and Gluttony
This was meant to be a short-story collection work. But I love certain things, which I did with Michi in the Hail Primus work. This mostly centered around contraptions which allow him to make a tube down into a dragons gullet and then be able to crawl down that. Then, there's the xray machine where the creature just lays down on it and there's picture of it's stomach with such inside. These and more would be so fun to put into such a work.
The Hail Primus sequels and prequels demand my attention well. If the work wasn't in one of the top one hundred best vore stories on the web, then by goodness, when I get done with the twenty of them, it's bound to be even farther off those charts.
No. No one asked for it. I'm just giving it because I can and I want to. Such is the nature of forced vore. Of course, I like willing prey. I like undamaged soft vore sitting right inside the warm soft stomach, listening to the gurgly sounds.
Folks don't always have to like what leads up to the vore, but they always can love what the result is.
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