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Am I done? (Requests: Part 3)

Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 3 years ago


So I believe I am finished with all pending requests, but just to make sure, since I am a forgetful person and I sometimes forget to jot down the names of everyone who requested something, am I missing anyone? If so, just PM me, let me know that I missed you, along with leaving the details of what it is you wanted. But as of right now, I will be working on 3 non-request related drawings, but don't let that stop anyone from asking if I am open for requests and submissions, because the answer is yes, I am, you can still do that and I will take note of it and let you know when I begin.

Forgot to mention, holiday specials are closed as of Jan 17th, but those of you who had 2 points, I remember who you are, and i'll take that into consideration on your next commission

Alright, last addition I swear, I am in fact doing 4 non-request related drawings, well, sorta non-request related. There was a request I liked so much, I gave it its own classification with the other 3. So in order, I will be working on:

1- Gift drawing (in progress)
2- OC drawing
3- Last Gift drawing
4- "Special snowflake" request I mentioned

THEN its back to good ol' requests after I've recharged from those 4. Also I can't stress enough that if you want any of your own characters drawn, please provide me with a decent reference.
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Posted by LuckyShootGER 3 years ago Report

I sent you a PM.

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