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Posted by Kaede 3 years ago


In an attempt to both keep myself motivated and to maybe share some of my other game work and such and bring in some input from watchers I am going to be opening up a Patreon.

I won't really be 'paywall-ing' anything. But it will be a way to contribute ideas and characters, see stuff early, and get a chance to play with some games/programs I might make while they are still alpha/pre-alpha, or just provide some support to get me to spend more time on this stuff and improve. Maybe even actually put something out game-related.

Just trying to see how much interest there is to some extent, no pressure to give anything. Everything there will eventually make it here more publicly, unless a game gets abandoned or something.


Infinite gratitude to anyone that does decide to sign up!
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Posted by EnderDracolich 8 months ago Report

I guess you no longer have a patreon? I would like to support you, but I don't see any way to do so.

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Posted by Kaede 8 months ago Report

Uh, yeah. That was 2 years ago and it never really went anywhere

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