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Underated pred potential.

Posted by Zagine 3 years ago


I'm always so tired of seeing polls by artists asking "Who do you want to see from this popular series?"and it's usually the character that's already been done to death that gets the most votes. I mean sure people want to see that artist's take on that popular character, but I can't help but feel bad for the one character at the bottom that has almost no votes.

So I'm wondering what characters in media do you think deserve a big belly but have almost no art?
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Posted by BedTime 3 years ago Report

I feel you men, I said it and I'll say it again but for me it's the female titan from attack on titan, however I've drawn some vore art of her so I guess there is more on the internet now, but still I can't conceive that a show as popular as attack on titan where the plot is about humanoid creature EATING people doesn't get more love for the only giantess present to date in the anime. I would also enjoy more vocaloid stuff but this is just me being a greedy bitch :P

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Posted by AngelofHell64 3 years ago Report

We talking just art in general or big belly art? Because if it's just art in general I'd say I guess Jeena from Spectrobes, as I have never really seen any art of any characters from that game, let alone Jeena. As for big belly art, I've only ever really seen one belly pic each of my two favorite characters in the whole world, those being Futaba Sakura from the newly released Persona 5 and Uzume Tennouboshi from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

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Posted by Eyefull 3 years ago Report

So many characters from Devil Survivor and Devil Survivor 2. On both fronts. Any Shim Megami Tensei vore that comes out is almost exclusively Persona stuff. Now, I love said stuff very much, but both DS games were very good, and their character designs would be very appealing in vore.

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Posted by Superdroid1137 3 years ago Report

There's a lot of characters that don't get enough or ever any at all. Like Festenia from super robot wars cause she in canon has a huge appetite

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Posted by welp 3 years ago Report

I'm a bit late here, but I feel obliged to say everyone and everything from girlgenus. As far as I know, there is absolutely no drawings related to it at all!

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