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Hey, A Question.

Posted by RemnArtX 2 years ago


You can actually post Non-Fetish Fanarts? If so, You'd be amazed of what I can do besides Vore!
I just want to know if it won't give me troubles since I think this is a Fetish Only Site
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Posted by Assimilation 2 years ago Report

You can post non-fetish artwork in your gallery.

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Posted by HisashiHinata 2 years ago Report

I'm think I remember being told that your gallery has to have 3 fetish pieces for every 1 non fetish/vore piece when I first started out here.

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Posted by krow 2 years ago Report

i wouldn't mind seeing it

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Posted by AzurePheonix 2 years ago Report

Just give her a big belly or some vore dialogue and you'll be fine.

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Posted by RemnArtX 2 years ago Report

"AzurePheonix" wrote:
Just give her a big belly or some vore dialogue and you'll be fine.

The thing is that I don't always Draw Vore, sometimes I Draw some Seriously Cool Fanart of Games

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Posted by Renael 2 years ago Report

as long as your gallery is mostly vore, it's fine. It's not super hard enforced, as I know some artists on here like...don't even upload vore anymore. Though, I wouldn't go that far.

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