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Update (taking commissions maybe??)

Posted by JohnMorningwood 4 years ago


Hey all, long time no see. Turns out it's been exactly a year since my last update. I haven't been too active as a writer lately, so I think I could try to entertain the idea of taking a commission or two. Since I'm a lazy writer, I won't be accepting any up front payment whatsoever, as I honestly may end up losing drive and never finish the story. On a related note, I would also prefer to stick towards smaller word counts (the 2000 range is my focal point, typically) in the interest of both not burning myself out and being affordable. Anyway, yeah! I think that about does it. If anyone has a Fire Emblem idea they always wanted to see, maybe I could be of help!

Thanks for reading guys, have a great one! :)
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