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Guys, I'm not Dead!

Posted by RemnArtX 4 years ago


I've been very busy, but for now, I'll actually be very lacky with Digital Drawings and Vore because my PC died almost a Week ago, I'm looking foward to Fix it but It'll take a while, It's the CPU Cooler so it can't be too hard, I'll keep up with some Paper Drawings that will lack alot of tags.
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Posted by Done25 4 years ago Report

Happy to hear that your PC is up and running again. ^_^

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Posted by RemnArtX 4 years ago Report

It really isn't, it's my Old Laptop, I can only do Sketches

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Posted by Darksider110 4 years ago Report

You can do a drawing stream for money

A lot of people love your work

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