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I Have Lost My School Job

Posted by saintheartwing 2 years ago


Well, it's over. I didn't do a good enough job trying to adhere to the school's policies, they feel, and they feel like they don't really have any students I could be paired with for para work. So my position at the school has been terminated. I'm depressed, but mostly because I didn't get to say goodbye to the students, or the friends I'd made at the school. At least all the stressful worrying over whether I'll keep my job or not is over.

So I've now only got a part time, per diem job at the Hospital to pay my bills. Needless to say, I'm worried.
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Posted by Rosebud 2 years ago Report

*Hugs you tight*

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Posted by Predaking54 2 years ago Report

oh no! D: never worry that makes things worse D: -gives mega super hugs-

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Posted by Kooshmeister 2 years ago Report

That's awful! I'm sorry to hear! :(

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Posted by VenusMoonstone23 2 years ago Report


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Posted by selfrog 2 years ago Report

Dang, that sucks. Best of luck, mate.

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