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Twiggle Wiggle

Posted by Variant 2 years ago


It's kind of funny that I haven't done a blog since my blogpost about my b-day last year, but hey, it's been a year again. If it tickles your fancy, Twilight is still the name of the game. I just love all things Twigs and Wigs. I mean, Starlight's growing on me, but Twilight's my bae.

As for an update on how things have been, it's been good? Got a job, sobered up, been starting to pick drawing back up, and once I wrap up some loose ends and finish some backlogged stuff, I'll think about opening up commissions again. For now I'm just doing pleasure cruise drawings to get my mood going. Got a Daybreaker pic in the works, nearly done with it. Got a ton of ideas still mulling around from this last season of MLP. So many episodes with unique characters that NEED vore done of them. It's a travesty to leave them out.

So yeah, birthday shenanigans are go, and I'll love love love everyone who contributes some Sparkle today. If you want to know my preferences, mostly Twilight pred. EQG or Pony is cool. Beyond that I just say have fun.

Beyond that... be excellent to each other, and party on dudes.
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Posted by Sylveon 2 years ago Report

:3 hi

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Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 2 years ago Report

Happy birthday and hi

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Posted by Colmillos 2 years ago Report

Ah damn I'm late but Happy bday!
If you're looking for some Purple Pone Augustbebel is a god at the bulging pone pred.

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Posted by Niku 2 years ago Report

didn't have time to draw you something this time around, but I hope you had a happy birthday, Variant!

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Posted by PegaSUS 2 years ago Report

Echoing the well wishes of everyone here, even if I'm late. Hope you had a great one, man!

Should have something up for ya soon enough though. :D

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