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Ida is hungry

Posted by dcvfgb1234 4 years ago


Ida is currently looking for prey to consume.

To put it short then Ida's universe, or the Idaverse for short, essentially is the real world. The only difference is that people at random shrink from an unexplained natural phenomenon. As such things are kept realistic aside from the shrinking. Similarly there can't be any magic or fantasy creatures. Due to being realistic then only macro/micro is possible. Oral, anal, and unbirth all are possible, since they could happen in reality if micros existed.

Macro/micro is required. Aside from that then I'm open to pretty much anything except underage which is a hard no.
I like digestion, preferably as detailed as possible, and generally prefer things to end up the toilet, but those things are far from a requirement and things will only be taken as far as the RP partner is comfortable. Hence if you aren't too comfortable with digestion then that isn't a problem per se.
I prefer oral, but can do other things if asked.
Ida generally is quite cruel and hence almost always fatals her prey. Exceptions can, and have, been made though, but they're rare and require a good in universe reason for her to spare somebody.

I expect basic spelling and grammar and that you average more than just a single sentence per post.

So if you want to RP with Ida then just send me a PM. I'd prefer RPing on discord where I have a server for Ida RPs and where there is a more extensive description of her universe, but RP through PMs or skype is a possibility too.
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