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Yo, Guys.

Posted by Slash 3 years ago


. How is everyone?
Last month or two were tricky for me. RL situations and all. Hope you guys are doing alright.
Being late in stating the New Years Res. But i'll be working on this gallery a lot more Coming. Quite a few interesting things along the way. ;)

Also, after quite a few questions. Yes, i am taking Commissions again and hopefully will help with some much needed motivation. XD
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Posted by Twinkle 3 years ago Report

I'm good! And I'm glad to see you're still going! I seriously love your art! I wouldn't mind ending up in that gut of your's either! But I seriously need to get a pic done by you at some point!

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Posted by saintheartwing 3 years ago Report

Glad to see you back! And hey, we understand. Real life has to come first.

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Posted by TaciturnTiger 3 years ago Report

Always good to see you about, Slash. Hope things are improving. Might commish you when I can, but don't stress or do too much all at once.

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Posted by Alexander_the_ant 3 years ago Report

Good to hear you are back Slash! ^^ Would be fun to commission you again sometime.

One question in that regard: What are your prices like usually for sketches?

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Posted by Gloom 3 years ago Report

Sorry to hear times been rough. Though pics are always great treats from ya, main thing is your well being after hard times. Hope you can get time to do things you want to as well!
Bussy times start of year, hard to get time for resolutions and such
Hang in there!

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Posted by Stalbon 3 years ago Report

Just hope you're all right now, my friend! Always good to hear from you.

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Posted by VorishFoxie 3 years ago Report

Good to hear from you! Hope all the RL situations resolve smoothly as soon as possible

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Posted by Strega 3 years ago Report

All is well for the woozle. We're about to have a big inspection at work which is always a bit stressful but I view it as a learning experience as I have recently taken over some new equipment and it's not a punitive inspection. At least, not unless you're deliberately not doing things you are supposed to do. I look forward to asking the evaluator a bunch of questions and learning some stuff.

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Posted by Radley 3 years ago Report

Hope you got everything IRL worked out!

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