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Help design my next predator by majority vote

Posted by darkflame8 2 years ago


For a fun little distraction I've decided to base the design of my next predator on what people think works best. :-D
Above is a poll where you can select what type of
Hair colour and length
Works best for a predator.

After 2 weeks I'll create the model of the character, and from there the fun of designing her personality begins.

Also one last little thing, leave a comment if she should be a Futa or not.

EDIT: 2 weeks seems too long, dropping it down to 1 week.
Comment on Help design my next predator by majority vote


Posted by Slimeman64 2 years ago Report

This should be great!

Not really a fan of Futa, so I vote no. Still, this should be great!

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Posted by RandomBloke 2 years ago Report

Looking forward to this.

Also, I vote no for futa.

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Posted by Cowrie 2 years ago Report

Sounds interesting. I vote futa.

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Posted by haraba 2 years ago Report

Not futa

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Posted by kaize 2 years ago Report

Can't wait to see it i vote yes for futa

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