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Something I have noticed

Posted by 157and493 3 years ago


I have noticed lately that M/F and M/M vore is becoming way more popular. Personally, male preds are a HUGE turnoff for me, but I have no problem with other people enjoying them. I am just wondering, why did their popularity suddenly spike like this?
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Posted by Marked 3 years ago Report

Reached a critical mass where there are enough people making content that inspires more content?
I’m happy to be part of the male pred revolution :p but female preds are still quite popular to. It’s nice to have a mix of both.

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Posted by Chameleonette 3 years ago Report

Oh, I can definitely answer this---a lot of it.

When I first joined the fetish in 2013, male preds and especially M/F vore were incredibly looked down upon, unwelcome, spoken out against, and discouraged. There wasn't much content. It was daunting for people like myself, who specifically enjoy that content alone. I decided to grab the bull by the horns and started being vocal about my interests on the forums, making lots of content, and encouraging others to do so. And little by little, more and more people are being more vocal and open about liking it, too. It's fabulous to see. But it was a hard road. As an M/F artist/writer, I was met with a lot of harassment in the overall vore community for several years. Several times, people tried to chase me out, say my content was unwelcome and no one wanted to see it, etc. And it wasn't just me---several people who were vocal about their prefs for male preds have been met with hostility, ridicule, and general displeasure.

But things have FINALLY started to change. I no longer get hate messages on my tumblr or people harassing me here on the forums. And through creating several groups for people who enjoy similar content to gather, we have been encouraging each other to create and spread more of the content we love and like to see. It's not nearly as much of a spike as you seem to think it is, but I believe it's in part because we're coming together and giving each other the support and encouragement that most of the community denied us for a long time. There's still people who go around commenting on artist's works like "I don't like m pred/I'd like this IF it were f pred/m preds are gross" etc and other rude things, but bit by bit, things are starting to change. And I hope in time that people who create M/F and male pred content will no longer have to see such passive-aggressive or snide comments that are meant to discourage.

It's about time for this shift. I've been trying to do my part to make it happen for a long time (and so have several friends and people that I know and support), for a community that is more inclusive with content for different prefs than the 'norm'. And I'm glad that more male pred appreciators and lovers are coming out of the woodwork to share their content and support others. It's amazing to see. And I will continue to do my part to spread content and encourage others.

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Posted by Superirondude28 3 years ago Report

I feel it's because enough artists and Writers that enjoy making M/F and M/M are finally getting over the fear of getting harassed by some worthless having nothing better to do with their life trash that would send message after message of hate cause their so weak that even the thought of somebody enjoying something they don't was too much for them. And thankfully as M/F and M/M becomes more common newer artists will hopefully not have to deal with that harrsement as these whiners are starting crawl back into their holes and shut up about stuff that doesn't get their dick wet.

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Posted by Starcomet 2 years ago Report

F/F and F/M is still VERY popular, but I am also glad to see more M/F and M/M content. I agree with the others above that it is largely just people becoming more brave and comfortable making such artwork in the community compared to the past. I however would like to see more non-gendered/non-specified predators in artwork though.

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