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What The Heck Happened To Phroogle!?!

Posted by phrooglevore3 3 years ago


Yes, it has been a while, but I'm still around. I know many people have been wondering exactly what happened to me. You're also probably wondering why it’s taken me so very long to make a post like this. The truth is, this last year, or so, has been the worst of my entire life

As many of you have probably noticed, all my art, comics, videos, stories, etc are gone. The reason for this is that I logged into a number of my fat/vore websites on my parents computer before having to leave suddenly. Why was this a bad thing? My parent's computer was, shortly after, hacked! When I came back home, all my files (including rl stuff, like family photos and all my work stuff) were gone. Apparently, because I didn't pay some ransom, I lost everything! Worse yet, I didn't realize anything had happened for a couple of weeks!

Why did it take me so long to realize what was happening? Why did I leave my all my fat/vore websites up on my parent’s computer and NOT close the browser (something I ALWAYS do)? That night, after being in fairly good condition, my grandfather collapsed and had to be rushed to the emergency room. My aunt told us that, according to the doctors, we didn't have much time. So me, and my family, drove all night, and crossed 2 states, to get to the hospital. We stayed with him for 2 days until he passed away from heart failure

But wait, it gets even worse

After the funeral, my aunt, along with my cousins, sat me, and my family, down and told us they never wanted to see us again and they had only really kept in touch with us because of my grandfather. My aunt and mom have always had their issues, but no one thought it was this bad. We were horribly shocked by this, especially me

Why did this thing between my mother and my aunt affect me so much (outside of the obvious concern for my family)? Growing up I had very few, if any, friends. The only 2 people who had been there for me were my cousins. They were my best friends and now they didn't want to see me anymore. I thought, "Their upset by everything that's happened and probably will come around once everything settles down." After all, my grandfather's passing wasn't easy on any of us. So, after about 6 months, I phoned them back to see how things were going. They both, basically, told me they never wanted to hear from me again. In fact, I was mocked and belittled for even calling. They continued this way until I just hung up on them. So I also lost 2 of my closest friends

But wait, there's even more horrible crap!

Shortly after all of this happened, the one computer I could really use to get online and do fat/vore stuff went kaput and I didn’t have money to fix it. So now the only way I can surf the web for fat/vore stuff is on my phone that barely works. It's a MASSIVE pain to do even the simplest of things online and has slowed me down SOOOO much!

But hey, things started to look up. I was starting to recover most of my stuff from the infected hard drive and did get a lot of my rl stuff back. So things were getting better and, of course, nothing way worse could happen...


The drive I was recovering everything from completely died on me! There was no way to save it and, after trying every trick in the book, I eventually just had to throw it out. Yes, I was able to recover, and backup, some of my rl stuff (which was, obviously, my main priority). However, I lost my ENTIRE collection of fat/vore stuff! All my pictures, videos, stories and 3D models (which is what I used to make the pictures, comics and videos I posted). Even the backups of long deleted stories, and worst of all, my rp logs. All gone! I have 0 fat/vore stuff left!!!

So that's been the last year, or so, in a nutshell. A horrible, unmitigated, ball of steaming, nightmarish horror!!! The only plus side is, it did give me some time to think about what I was going to do when I did finally get time to come back here. I've made a few decisions and I know most of you won't like them:

Given that my accounts have been compromised, I will be deleting them. That includes this account. I WILL COME BACK WITH A NEW ACCOUNT AT SOME POINT! So don't worry. I'm not giving up. However, I can't keep these accounts after everything that's happened

Also, I won't be doing any new art/comics/videos anytime soon. I can't. I really can't. I'm computer-less, lost all my 3D models (plus the software that uses them) and I'm stuck on this phone. Needless to say, new art from me won't be happening for a long while

Given all of this, I have decided to release my characters for anyone one who wants to use them. Candi, Sara, Timmy, etc. They're ready for anyone who wants to put them in a story, picture, whatever. I had, honestly, grown a bit board of them before all this happened. Given how uncertain everything is now, I'm ready to let them go. If I can make new art at some point in the future, I'd like to start fresh anyways

Now, while you are able to use them if you want to, I do have a few conditions if you do:

- These characters are younger. Do not use them in ANYTHING even remotely sexual! That means no nudity, no UB or AV (if you're doing vore) and no BE. No sex either! It's cool if you wanna use them for puppy love relationships. In other words, stuff that's appropriate for, and what you'd expect from, younger characters!

- Don't use my characters if you're going to just attack them/me. Please! I shouldn't have to ask, but it's the internet and I know how some people can act

Now, for the few of you who actually read this far, I do need a bit of help:

As I said above, I've lost my entire stuffing/vore collection. This includes all the pieces I made, my rp logs and even my interactive story "Kid & Cub Expansion" . Please, if you have ANY of these things saved, please, please, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME!!!

You have no idea how much it stings to lose the art/comics/videos I spent so much time on. However, out of all the stuff I lost, even beyond the art I created, what I miss most are the rp logs and my story. I know it's a long shot, but if one has any of the rp logs we did (not just the few rps I posted to my gallery, but more the ones I did over Skype, Yahoo, pms, etc), please let me know!

Now, if the above paragraph is a long shot, this will be a long shot in the dark. In the, one in a million, chance someone, somehow, saved a copy of my interactive story "Kid & Cub Expansion", PLEASE let me know! I would LOVE to get it back. I know more than a few people worked hard in making it the great interactive it became

I know I'm throwing a lot at everyone here, and I'm sorry for rambling on so much. I also know I'm probably coming off as far too hurt, or far too angry. The truth is, after everything that's happened, I am. Not at anyone I've rped with, or any fan of my work, but just life in general. I can only hope this is the worst of it and that things will, truly, get better from here on out
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Posted by MisterEbony 3 years ago Report

Damn man..... well I would like to give Candi and Timmy a good home, but I am also going to be praying for ya.


Posted by phrooglevore3 3 years ago Report

Thanks man. I need all the support I can get :(


Posted by tonym 3 years ago Report

Cursed crap, that's A LOT of trouble to go trough. I will try do my part in helping as best as I'm able, After all, Good work deserves reward, Especially in this world.


Posted by nnickerson100 3 years ago Report

well while i am sorry to hear that i do have a sugestion on how to get your self a new pc. that would be better than what ya had before and cheaper than store bought. that would be to go on new egg and get the parts to build your own. this can make for a very nice new pc. and perhaps since your models are gone maybe its a blessing in discuess as you could get a new program and remake them better than they were before with blender or something. granted ya gotta get your new pc first


Posted by phrooglevore3 3 years ago Report

Well I won't be getting a new PC anytime soon. Money is WAY too tight. Still, thanks for the support :)


Posted by nnickerson100 3 years ago Report

"phrooglevore3" wrote:
Well I won't be getting a new PC anytime soon. Money is WAY too tight. Still, thanks for the support :)
well while mine might be a custom build that i built in the same way i described there it is older and needs some upgrades but to put its priceing into perspective it was a bit over 200 bucks and at the time it was built was comparable to an alienware pc of its time *its a gaming rig after all* so if your straped for cash this is a good way to go about it. and you can also buy the parts one part at a time as well and put it together your self.


Posted by phrooglevore3 3 years ago Report

Well thank you so, so, SOOO much for sending those to me! I can’t believe how much you saved. Heck, I never thought I’d be able to read my story again. You have no idea how much I appreciate it :D :D :D