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MAJOR Updates!

Posted by Raiza 3 years ago


It's been a while since I posted anything to this page, art or update wise. So I made this. I am hard at work finishing up stories though! That being said, here is a few updates to my various pages.

PRICE CHANGES (Sorta... but not really!)

Now, on my commission status, it now states that I now charge 5.00$ per-page. My previous price was 3.50$ per-page. However, that was on my old writing format, where I had only 450 words per-page. I shall now have over 600 words-per page! The previous amount was due to the old, and outdated way I had to calculate. I used firefox's spellcheck, and a website's word to page converter. It had limited options for how it formats spaces between lines, so I just did the best I could using that. Thus, how I came up with the original 450, or so, words per-page. Perhaps there was a better website I could've used, but I hadn't found it.

I have Microsoft Word now, so I can clearly see how many pages and words I write; using the default font, etc.

Despite my "error", I feel the price ranges were fair, for the amount I was writing. So I simply did calculations to see how much I'd have to charge to still get the same amount of money, for the same amount of words. After all, it is a lot of work to write a 4500 word story, let alone 6300. (These are how many words that would be written in ten pages ordered, compared from old, to new system.)

To give an example of how the prices are pretty much the same; 6300 words would cost you 50 dollars under my old system. This is the same for the new one. To make this simpler, I will also just ask how many words you want. Then give you a price quote from there. Those who have already made payments, will not be charged more though. This is more of a from now on thing. In fact, those who have paid already will be given more words for less, since I took so damn long getting to anything. Speaking of which, I shall go over other updates.

-Other Updates-

My computers are still broke, but I am more use to using my brother's laptop now. So I am pretty much back full time, and want to make an effort to treat this as much like a full-time job as I can. So commissions will come at a quicker rate, and I have opened my commissions once more! So message me if you want to order a story.

The price thing aside, I took out the extra fees for including elements from my Wouldn't Likely Do, and Wouldn't Do list.. It's not useful, no one has ever done it, and the few times I suggested it, it made deals almost fall through. Thus, I will just take commissions on a case to case basis. Otherwise, I just proofread through it again, and fixed any errors I noticed, grammar wise.

Likely the next, or second from next story shall be this. I will post a small demo of the story on my page though. More information on how you will be able to read the full story will be given on my Patreon Page...

My Pateron Page was shut down for a while, due to inactivity. It's back now though. I have made quite a few changes compared to the old, and made it simpler, more realistic, simple, and user friendly. Some of the changes made are the following.

1. ALL tiers shall get access to Patron-Exclusive Materials. The only difference is that those with the 1.00$ pledge shall have to wait for about a month after it was released.

Previously: I had it where 1.00$ had no access to Patron-Exclusive Materials.

2. For the highest tier, the new incentive shall be access to my personal Discord, and a server meant for that tier.

3. Arbitrary incentives, like releasing general pieces of writing earlier, have been taken out. With the exception of the 1 month waiting time for the lowest tier, to get exclusive stories. I just want to release work as soon as it's done!

4. I made some revising of the goals. These may be re-thought over time, but I won't worry about it until/if I reach any of them. Before it was promising too much at the highest goal, that I knew I couldn't keep up with. Not that I honestly expect to make it that far... haha.

5. Pledges shall be monthly. I was considering making it work by work until I reached 30 dollars, but it would cause too much complications. Plus, I feel that with the reworking and rewards, it is more justifiable to have it be monthly, in general. I will have to keep up with things though! So hold my feet to the fire on that.

6. Otherwise, I just fixed grammar and spelling errors.

Thanks for reading all of that, if you did. Sorry for being slow lately. Other than tech issues, I've been dealing with depression, and lack of motivation. I will use the times this is not true to work hard, until it becomes routine. Please send any feedback. I know I tend to overthink things, likely due to anxiety, and OCD. So if something seems unnecessary, if not flat-out damaging, please explain (politely).

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