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Yeah okay, OUCH.

Posted by Four_Spears 1 year ago


:( Okay, I'll do my best to sum up what I feel I can in as short order as possible because there appears to be two or even three fires that need to be put out and I'm confident that I have enough motivation to get out ahead of these matters as quickly and as transparently as possible.

As some may know, I've spent a lot of time trying to introduce a certain sort of method of incentivizing Public RP in the chat's "Roleplay Room" (and later, perhaps, a more streamlined battle system in the "Games Room" ) and it appears that some may have criticized me for introducing an unfamiliar trend of roleplay ideas without realizing that my efforts were solely designed to increase the interest in public play traffic in the RP room and in the process, managed to be held responsible for statements that aren't even attributed to my goals, interests or motivations in places/sites where I have next to no interest in visiting.

I acknowledge that I haven't made my profiles clear enough for people to follow the idea clearly and will be taking as many steps as possible to clear up the details so people don't need to feel somehow alienated by the purpose of increasing RP room traffic. I've even previously attempted to shed some light on a tiny portion of an idea I had for the Games Room several years back, yet still encountered individuals who have not been able to grasp my intentions despite not making any efforts to bear hostility to any other persons.

In my haste to complete the overarching profile world settings, diverse locales and universe at large, I may have made minimal concessions to clarify and highlight the intended goal, but I will rectify this so to ensure people are not confused by dangerously uninformed opinions from others (on-site or off) that deviate far from my interests or goals.

Long story short, I treat every person equal and have NO interest in attacking or harming the reputations of others as I feel it serves nobody any good to be bent out of shape over simple differences in preferences. We can all respect one another from the start and continue to respect one another unconditionally without a need for petty antagonism towards one another and I have no interest in engaging in a hostile tone with any person for any reason as I personally feel such venom and vitriol is entirely unwarranted no matter the circumstance. I seek peaceful resolutions and only want to bring more people together. It always has been the point of what I've been working on all of this for, after all.


All of this said... I've apparently spent far too much time focused on this and not not as much to the goings on of the EP message boards and other off-site message boards or social media platforms for vore or mugen-related topics. (...and apparently I should have?)

While I've spent much time dedicated to this project (and recently was very sick for nearly 11 days straight) I was smart enough to back up much material before my old computer finally bit the big one with it's drives damaged in ways that made data recovery impossible. Of said material, several Mugen characters (both fetishy and non-fetishy in nature, mostly older and rarer characters from pre-2007) were lost and ONE (non-fetish) character in particular that was years ago entrusted to NEVER be copied or shared went up in smoke along with the drive.

I promised to uphold the creator's wish and I'm 100 percent positive the character doesn't have a single trace anywhere online even though a few people online may have known about my possessing a copy of it. One of my closest RL friends knew of the character and repeatedly offered to have the character backed up and I denied them as per the creator's request to not share/copy and after said friend recently learned of my losing the character on the ruined drive, they gave me absolute hell.

Mind you, I don't regret respecting the creator's wishes, but I feel as I've greatly mis-communicated my intent to my friend and I bear no hostility to their emotional outbursts at all. This was while I had just been in the midst of being downed hard with the cold I contracted and even then, I recently found myself berated in a stream, specifically criticizing my intent in a topic that I created on this very site's message boards in regards to my linking to other creator's characters or creations. While I did as such simply for the sake of ease of access to locate other creator's/editors topics and specifically linking to their preferred sites/blogs/access avenues for finding said creations, my goal was never to go against the wishes of creators or editors.

To my understanding now, some people may have been upset that I may have ignorantly insisted some creators that don't get along try working together and there may be some truth to the fact that I don't know of the goings-on and relationships between editors and incorrectly assumed they would all be willing to assist one another by putting aside minor differences to create together. I never intended to harass or cause conflict. I also understand that many may see me as somehow hypocritical as I may have linked to places that may warrant dislike among creators and so I simply ask said creators/editors to inform me so I may correct or remove any links I have posted that may have caused any unease or unrest.

I also understand that while said friend may have spoken of which character was lost (even then, the character was still in a massively unfinished/broken state), I do not think it was in their intention to have others bear any grudges towards me over this matter and I wholly understand how many people would be frustrated that I've not budged on the matter of sharing or backing up the character to avoid running the risk of allowing files to slip my notice since I was given explicit orders by the creator to never cross that line... and I never did cross that line as they wished... as much as I know other people greatly dislike this fact. From this, I can understand where some may take issue with me and criticize and I entirely understand, but I have very much already made clear my stance on such things in the past and my stance remains unchanged. I've even gone so far as to removed links and pull content due to a JP creator's wishes even if I didn't understand what reason they removed an upload. They simply asked it to be done and I did as they asked without question and only will only resume featuring/hosting/linking upon having consent from the creator.

Make no mistake, I'm trying my best to clear the air and get ahead of this before an even more warped misunderstanding of what's happened gets spread around as I've never wished to cause any trouble or ever sought out any means to antagonize or annoy others with my actions or decisions. I'm just really going through a bit of a rough run of things lately and feel a lot of these uninformed, nagging complaints, unfounded concerns and somewhat hostile inquiries are rapidly weighing down my willpower to continue trying to do anything productive.

Mind you, I'm not the sort to point fingers and call names and I'm against witch hunts. I'm just trying to clarify so as to keep ahead of things and not be overwhelmed. If you happen to come across a discussion involving any of the above matters, please use a link to this blog post to help set the record straight and if you personally have matters you'd like to discuss or wish for me to edit a public forum post, feel free to send a PM.
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