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Methods and Theories of Growth, Shrinkage, and Age.

Posted by TinyHero 1 year ago


After discussing this with someone, I decided to write, and copy everything I know that can be used with any GTS style, SM, SW, Ageplay scenarios for both Stories, and Role-plays. These are only theories, but these sciences could blow your mind about shrinking, growth, age regression, acceleration, and even regeneration.

-Pym Particles
-Black Holes
-The Square Cube Laws

Pym Particles involved compacting the mass of any object or thing, if you where to do that to every human on earth, they’d all be the size of a sugar cube, but their mass still stays the same, their strength, their weight, even expanding them, but they be like light as a balloon, and soft as butter. That is where both blackholes and regeneration comes into play.

There are three things that can happen inside of a black hole, you either break apart into dust, then the dust breaks into particles, those particles break into atoms, but then (here’s the crazy part) those atoms break apart into something else, and again, and into nothingness, the last two are stuck in a black void devoid of light, or you reach the centre where you find a bonut that may possibly take you to another dimension.

It’s the disintegration part that could be the key to this, by doing this, you may be able to reduce both strength and mass of the person you shrink with this theory, because if you shrink a person beyond their compactable of their mass’s limits, their gravitational force will literally collapse, and turn them into a black hole... and possible destroy the entire world.

Regeneration is mainly to help reform cell damage, and possible reform new cells, but also regenerate atoms on an atomic level, even when doing the reverse when growing objects, able to create mass to support what the body couldn’t retain before, thus, massive growth and expansion can happen, but even regeneration has it’s limits.

Regeneration can have a few repercussions, for example, it could lowers the human lifespan by a few years because of accelerated cell regeneration, too much regeneration forces the body, skin, and muscles to erode and rupture, maybe even causing grows and expanded muscles, another case is cellular decay, and even disintegration.

Or in the case of Reaper, your body is in a forceful state of decay and regenerations over an extreme accelerated levels to even retain some form, memories, life, and being.

The Square Cube Law is simple, Volume, Mass, and surface area, if you took a square box (or a tesseract) of 2, by 2, by 2, and increase all by 2, everything will increate to 4, by 4, by 4, the same is in reverse, you can increase or reduce an objects mass, but once more, the strength, if you enlarge someone with this, their strength will double, but too much, The their body won’t be able to support their own weight, which is why Ant-Man couldn’t sub-stain that form for long.

But the crazy part about this is, if you shrink someone with this, then their strength actually triples more then enlargement, because you are compacting the body, which is the same reason ants can lift stuff ten times their normal body mass.

The whole wormhole, teleporter, and terreract think is sort of all the same, building a teleportation device, if a wormhole is anything like a black hole, then the moment you create it, it dies just as quickly, because nothing is fet into it to sub-stain it’s mass and gravitational force, it’s decay rate, but with regeneration, it might be able to hold this, thus, you got a teleporter.

But a few things can go wrong, if shot into it, you might teleport anyone in the entire world, maybe even another dimension, power supply might be inefficient, or not enough. containment field could break, stucking and teleporting everything, and breaking down mass, or enlarging mass as you reach your destination.

Or, the darn thing was mounted backwards, and the whole thing inverted, creating an explosion like sphere that swallows up everything, sending it into oblivion, or god knows where, slipspace drive from HALO Reach is a perfect example of this.

My terreract theory might imply how shrink rays even work, a terreract is simple that cube folding in on itself continuously, and if possible, jumping from one space, to another, but as the cubes shrink in one end, they enlarge in another, what if you where to build this as a device, not to transport? But to change the size or every object known to man?

Creating a beam that causing this effect in others, not actually folding them in and out, but probably on an cellular, or an atomic level, shrinking, or growing them. Honestly it explains a lot of how these things work.

The age regression, and acceleration goes back to my theory of teleportation, the force of light created from the regeneration (in case of the entire transporter breaking or being destroyed, overloaded and such) could cause the body to form a substance similar to melatonin, causing the body to stop aging, maybe even reversing or exhilarating the aging process.

You can even add shrinkage to the mix too, as the device explodes, the waves caused by it could cause positive or negative effects, for both shrinkage, growth, youth and aging.

That is my take in all of this, your thoughs?
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Posted by twitchystitch 1 year ago Report

Ooooh this is a really, really cool idea!

i like the sound of a device incorporating these things exploding, causing random growth or shrinking as approrpiate? and messing around with ages? you could, say, have older characters become younger this way (like Reinhardt and Ana Amari)?

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Posted by TinyHero 1 year ago Report

More or less, but these are not abilities, but uncontrollable side effects, honestly, this even holds up with the hyper growth as well with the extreme regeneration too.

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