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Upcoming comics and a few small changes

Posted by darkflame8 1 year ago


For those that are interested in what to expect from me in the future, here is a list of comics that I am currently working on. Now, it was evidently apparent to me that both Snacking on Suburbia and Party Girl Pigout were successes, however the sheer amount of work that went into making them left me nearly burnt out. As such all future comics will be capped at 20 pages max, however the quality of the images will be higher. While my comics will continue to remain cheap, I will stress that both of my first two comics will be the cheapest, all future releases will be priced slightly higher.

That said here is a list of the comics I'm currently working on, in no particular release schedule.

The Treasure of Voracia (20 Pages - Price TBD)
A group of Adventurers set out to find the rumoured Treasure that lies beneath the Grand Temple of Devora. The largest temple of those women that worship the Goddess of Gluttony. Along the way the group will face many dangers, after all there is a reason Voracia is known as the land of the Full Lady.
F/M, F/F, multiple preds, multiple prey, samesize, vore, softvore, digestion

Duty Vores (20 Pages - Price TBD)
In a city where the female crime rate is through the roof bordering on nearly 28%, a special squad made up of the most highly respected female police officers is created to deal with the problem. However with thousands upon thousands of criminals and only five of them, with the help of the latest thing in crowd control they are given a sizable advantage.
F/f, Macro/micro, vore, digestion, gassy preds, shrunken prey, giant pred, multiple preds, multiple prey.

Population Predation 2 - Beach Resort Buffet (20 Pages - Price TBD)
Sandra is sent to gorge herself at several beach resorts that have been cloning too many workers.
SSBBW pred, minigts pred, macro pred, gassy pred, multiple prey, digestion, weight gain, oral vore, soft vore

Party Girl PigOut 2 - Political Predator (20 Pages - Price TBD)
Rhianna has been invited to a penthouse party set up by some of the most influential women in the city. However what will Rhianna do when she discovers that these women will not be supporting her at the next election but her main rival? The only thing she knows best, devour and digest.
bbw pred, chubby pred, futa pred, futanari, sex, oral sex, oral vore, rapid digestion, weight gain
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Posted by Whereaminow27 1 year ago Report

When does duty vore come out :)

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Posted by darkflame8 1 year ago Report

"Whereaminow27" wrote:
When does duty vore come out :)

Duty Vores won't be out this year. Most likely early next year. After tales of Voracia.

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