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Link to Deleted Stories & Other Updates

Posted by Raiza 3 years ago


Quite a few stories were deleted in the purge of underage-related content. It is what it is. I have no intention of leaving this site, nor stop posting stories here. That being said, each story that has been deleted should be on my DeviantArt account. For all future stories with underage characters, at least until/if the situation on this site changes, shall be posted there instead.

Sorry for being slow lately. it's just normal ware and tear of having depression and living in a house I live at. Plus other tech issues etc. Worry not though, nothing is overly wrong. I'm working on stories now, including the one I intend to be my first Pateron exclusive(finally... haha).

There is a possibility I will decide to take a hiatus from writing vore work, to focus on more traditional writing projects. Until I do an actual update on that though, I am working on vore stories. This may not end up happening at all. Just thought I should mention it just in case.

Anyway, thank you for reading this, I hope to have more stories up soon!
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