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It’s been 84 years (3 years)

Posted by tinysupervicki 1 year ago


It’s been awhile huh? Haven’t been here, I was more active on tumblr and now that there’s a tumblr purge, I went to different platforms. So how am I doing? Good good. Busy busy. I work full-time now, have a second job, and finishing up my BA, gonna go towards my MS soon. I am...still grieving. My mom passed away two years ago and it’s been hard for me. I still suffer PTSD and stuff. I have my moments but I’m working hard to stay happy, that’s what she would have wanted.

I’ve been drawing fluffy sfw art all this time, it made me feel better and help me through everything. But I also love nsfw and I haven’t drawn it in awhile. So might as well come back with a bang? At least I think so, that new drawing I’m pretty proud of. Going through my art here, I’m surprised at how much I progressed. ^^
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Posted by Diamonte 1 year ago Report

Well, thanks for your art here. Of course, jobs, degrees and RL are way more important. Hope you make yourself a Merry Christmas.

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