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Posted by MobiusTheIce 1 year ago


Uh... it's been a bit since the last time I actually used the blog for this type of stuff, buuut here we are, apparently. Just wanted to say, that I'm feeling kind of confused and uncertain, lately. It's like... I'm lacking motivation to do stuff. I mean, I still like to draw, but, I'd have so many stuff I'd like to do, so many stuff I'd like to learn... but, I just can't because of lack of time ( Thanks, school. ) , or just because I'm too stupid to actually learn new stuff. I'll still keep on working on my stuff, and I'll still try to improve. Just, life have been kind of hard, lately. I'm not asking for compassion or stuff like that, just wanted to keep you updated. Peace.
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Posted by Catalyst 1 year ago Report

we all get that feeling sometimes. it will past soon. we all are here for you if you do need anything

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Posted by delete8234b 1 year ago Report

A very similar reason to yours is actually why I stopped making my interactive story, and stories altogether. I would suggest thinking of ideas and putting them in a list. Then, whenever you need an idea, pull it out and flesh it out. I'm working on something because of that as we speak!

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Posted by smog1 1 year ago Report

Its probably just an art block :) you will get over it soon ^^ focus on your normal stuff and you will get inspiration or something later on :D

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Posted by mosta1119 1 year ago Report

Hope it gets better my guy, had hard times too ya know

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Posted by randomnames 1 year ago Report

That's hard to heard my friend i hope things turn for the better.

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Posted by ArrowversePreds 1 year ago Report

Hey mobius, you are definitely not stupid. Anyone who knows two languages is very far from stupid. Hope you feel better eventually.

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Posted by Zeeza 1 year ago Report

A few things:

One: No one's dumb. They just haven't yet learned something that they can :3 It's all motivation, and you can get it if you want it.
Two: Going through that same phase myself - where I want to play Magic or Overwatch or Black Ops 4 all day when I'm not working but really don't commit to things I should, like Patreon Rewards and getting a daily dose of drawing
Three: I'll pass. I think this is the third time (?) I'm going through this, and every time it's gotten better over time.

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Posted by Gabriel0813 1 year ago Report

Same dude trust me everyone goes through it so your not alone It sucks it sorta why I have my friend acting as my manager to help me out, and get time to do stuff and improve on my art.

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