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Opening Commission!

Posted by TheLazyWizard 2 years ago


Hi all! First of all, Happy New Year !! even that a bit early hehehe
As you know, during this time, I have only come to make some requests for people, but I think it is time to move forward and start with the commissions, with this, I seek to have better motivation to continue improving my drawings (I hope you understand). So, I'm just opening a slot, the reason is that I want to do a proof of payment, so the first person who wants a commission will not pay much.

For those interested:

-The method of payment (and only accept) Is Paypal.

-The cost will depend on the complexity and how many characters are wanted in the drawing.

-Once the slot is occupied, I will update it on my main page, and I will not accept another until it is finished (this is the reason for the test mentioned).

-If you want a commission or have any questions, then send me a PM and we will discuss the details.

Finally, whether or not continuing to make commissions, depends on how this "test" results.

Thanks for your attention! :D
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Posted by MidNightOwlArt 2 years ago Report

I read the Blog and i just want to say good luck with the comm.
I really like your art and i wish you the best! ^__^
And happy new years!

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Posted by GingerSnaps 2 years ago Report

good luck on getting coms !

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