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Posted by largerarge 1 year ago


Sorry for that last post I just got stressed about the lack of comments on the latias and Latios pics. I just want a bit of feedback on them, after hours of trying on paint 3D.

I’m still trying out more software art to use, manly my main program was paint. Microsoft has removed it since windows 10 came about, though they say it be in the Microsoft App Store but that’s back in 2017 nothing yet.

So I’m sorry for the outburst, I am trying others: sketchbook, fire alpaca and some others.

I will upload but it’s going to take a while to get use to theses art apps. :oops:
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Posted by mffin1 1 year ago Report

Its alright

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Posted by More-Vore 1 year ago Report

DOn't worry about it I get that way when I write a story and post in on here or a non vore one on a writing site, and I get not even favorites from readers. When That happens I feel like giving up sometimes.

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Posted by CaptainElusive 1 year ago Report

It's understandable. I would probably do the same. It's hard to keep doing stuff when you hear nothing or hear nothing positive.

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Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

Have you tried gimp?

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Posted by largerarge 1 year ago Report

"Bright" wrote:
Have you tried gimp?

I have gimp but its a bit hard to work it.

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